Bindi Irwin Shares ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Trophy With Furry Friends, Assures Fans Her Bruised Feet Are On The Mend [Video]

Bindi Irwin had a ball on Dancing With The Stars, but the Australian teen is back on her home turf, and happy about it. Bindi was recently photographed showing off her mirrored trophy for winning this season of Dancing With The Stars as part of a promotion for her family’s zoo, reports Entertainment Tonight.

Irwin, who above everything else is a conservationist like her father, the late Steve Irwin, is passionate about the zoo her family runs. Bindi even plans to donate her Dancing With The Stars winnings to the zoo to keep its mission ongoing.

In a series of shots, Irwin poses with the trophy alongside some of her furry pals, including a picture-perfect dingo, a chilled out kangaroo, a curious koala, a hilarious bird, and a snake that coveted her trophy.

According to Entertainment Tonight,Irwin even named the koala after her Dancing With The Stars partner, who even plans to visit the Australian zoo. In an interview with Australian morning show Sunrise, Bindi revealed that she’s “excited because Derek will be visiting Australia very soon to meet his own namesake,” reports Entertainment Tonight.

Bindi shared a photo of the koala over Instagram on Thursday, writing “[c]heck out @derekhough the #koala! Although he may not be as smooth on the dance floor or as light on his feet as his namesake, he sure is good at melting hearts!” Irwin also explained that visitors to the zoo “can spot him at our koala ‘mums and bubs’ area throughout the day where the koalas are always keen to pose for a photo!”

Although she swept the win on season 21 of Dancing With The Stars, Bindi was still humble about her incredible performances. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Bindi revealed that she “can’t believe I’m here.” Irwin continued that she’s just “this girl from Australia who works with wildlife, and I got to learn how to dance…”

Irwin, who loved working with professional dancer Derek Hough, explained that “it’s all thanks, honestly, to Derek for always believing in me and staying strong.” Irwin gushed about her partner, exclaiming “I’m so, so lucky!”

During the interview, Bindi explained where she and Derek decided she should keep her trophy — in the middle of the zoo’s crocodile pond. Although Bindi was clear she has other opportunities in Hollywood that she would love to be a part of to help spread her message of conservationism, she was mum on what those opportunities were.

Of course, being on Dancing With The Stars wasn’t just about fun. In an Instagram snap Bindi shared during a Thanksgiving celebration, one thing was obvious — the conservationists feet were bruised from all the dancing.

In the photo, which features both Irwin and her boyfriend, Chandler Powell, it was hard not to notice how painful her feet looked. In the caption, Bindi addressed the condition of her feet, assuring fans that her feet are on the mend, reports Hollywood Life.

“Please pardon my feet in this picture, 3 months of dancing and they look a little interesting,” Bindi wrote, assuring fans that “they are getting better.”

Bindi also addressed a rumor that she farted while Derek picked her up in one of their characteristic celebratory hugs. In an interview with TMZ, Bindi Irwin adamantly denied that she passed gas, explaining “[n]ope, not me, but it was pretty funny.” Irwin explained that the noise was from “the mic, actually. If a mic could actually pick that kind of thing up, that’s an extraordinary mic.”

Bindi Irwin has done a lot to spread her message of conservationism, and according to the Courier Mail, an Australian newspaper, Irwin is behind a massive influx of Americans visiting the “Sunshine Coast.” According to the newspaper, the numbers of Americans visiting the area has jumped more than 20 percent.

[Photo by: Angela Weiss/Getty Images]