Thread Earrings: Why Threader Or Threaded Earrings Are New And Beautiful Things

Every once and a good while, a trend comes along that makes total sense and offers a new and unconventional way to wear an old standby. Such is the case with thread earrings, which can be seen online in a number of venues. Whereas clip-on earrings used to be a lot more popular, earrings for those with pierced earlobes took over that style for those who could wear them. Nowadays, thread earrings might take over that trend, with the hashtag #threadearrings enjoying 847 posts on Instagram thus far, and growing. Although some of those earrings pictured under the #threadearrings hashtag are those comprised of literal threads, others represent the kind threaded through the ears.

According to JCK, the threader earrings are a new take on a look popularized by Dior.

threader threaded earrings [Image via]The hashtag #threaderearrings has 377 posts on Instagram. The fluid and unique movement that the thread or threader earrings invoke — along with a design hanging behind the earlobes, is perhaps what’s attracting buyers. Not to be outdone, the #threadedearrings hashtag has 202 posts. Some of those posts are videos of people playing with the earrings that are threaded through the ears, a new and interesting discovery to many.


As seen on the Google Shopping page for thread earrings, the brilliance in the new style of earrings that hang on “threads” of silver or other metals lay in the fact that there is no sharp post that pokes wearers in the neck area behind the earlobes, forcing consumers to take the earrings off when they sleep. Nor is there the constant hunt for a tiny earring post backing that has fallen on the bathroom or bedroom floor and has to be hunted down.

New York Magazine shows a look that features a type of thread or “threader” earrings, and links to site that prove thread earrings can be displayed as a link sort of chain, or a stiff piece of metal that is threaded through the ear holes.

“Jules Smith earrings, for similar try Ari thread earrings, $45 at Shopbop.”

Not only are the thread earrings more comfortable to sleep on if one so choses, they aren’t as “poke-y” as the post earrings nor the kind of earrings that can still poke wearers with just a curved hook in the ear. The thread earrings are one of those concepts that have fashionistas wondering why someone didn’t invent such an item earlier.

Sites like Etsy show why thread earrings are such a find for some fashion-forward looking folks. Wearers with multiple piercings are able to thread their thread earrings through the various holes in a cute way, offering a new look in jewelry.


While some of the thread earrings feature a single thread of some sort of metal chain — along with a firm threader head that allows users to thread it through their pierced ears — others have designs on one end (or both) of the thread earrings.


Other versions of the thread earrings do show that an earring backing can be placed on the end, but for those that are threaded through several holes — or looped through the same hole multiple times — the earring backing seems unnecessary.

On Pinterest, a variety of beautiful threaded earrings can be seen as well, including plenty of handmade creations out of hammered metals. While some of the threader earrings are pretty inexpensive, others run quite high, such as the diamond wishbone threader earrings in 18k rose gold with.66 ct. t.w. diamonds by Supreme Jewelry, priced at $3,308.

Similar to the way that “cuff earrings” offered a new and interesting way to wear earrings, the thread earrings are providing a delightful way to change up a look — and hopefully prevent earring loss.

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