Shaun King Unleashes Stinging Twitter Rant Condemning White Gun Owners In America, Sparks Heated Debate

Shaun King, a New York Daily News columnist, has some choice words for white gun owners in America following the recent mass shooting in San Bernardino. As expected, many Americans have different perspectives about the problems plaguing the United States.

While many conservatives argue the problems with terrorism stem from lenient immigration laws, liberals believe lenient gun laws are to blame for the gradual increase in the number of mass shootings that have taken place over the past year. Based on Shaun King's Twitter rant, he definitely believes gun control is the source of the problem. So he decided to voice his frustrations by calling out white American males, who he feels are "obsessed" with guns.

According to The Blaze, Shaun King tweeted in response to a statement by Red State editor Erick Erickson. It has been reported that Erickson announced that he'd fired bullets into a New York Times publication challenging the United States government to enact stricter gun control laws, insinuating such arguments are nonsensical. King, who revealed that Erickson's statement left him "speechless," fired back by saying, "Conservative white men are scared of the New America that they shoot newspapers."

Shaun King's scathing rant, which consisted of a series of tweets, not only called out avid gun supporters, but also included a comparison between guns and small male genitals. King, widely referred to as a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement, believes gun-toting and shooting denotes some form of sexual high for white males. Needless to say, the stinging rant has definitely caught the attention of thousands of Twitter users.

Shaun King concluded by voicing his concerns for 2016, which he believes will consist of "a bad mixture of racism, toxic masculinity, and faux Christianity."

As expected, Shaun King has been applauded by liberals, but conservatives definitely aren't pleased with his statements. Not only have his statements been slammed by those who oppose his views, but some social media users have also cited the fact that the San Bernardino shooters, identified as Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, legally purchased the guns they used to kill 14 victims. The radicalized Muslim couple initially posed no threat to those who knew them, but ultimately became stars of a living nightmare for Farook's co-workers that were killed at the hands of him and his wife. In a nutshell, the main conservative argument has centered around the notion that "guns don't kill, people do."
Although Shaun King has been criticized for his latest Twitter rant, this isn't the first time he's shared his views of the problems plaguing America. In addition to seemingly lenient gun control laws, King has also highlighted many of the ongoing problems with racism and police brutality in America. King has developed details reports on highly publicized murders of suspects killed at the hands of police officers.

Do you agree or disagree with Shaun King? Is gun control the real problem in America? Share your thoughts.

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