Too Much Euro 2012: Man Dies From Exhaustion After Watching Soccer For 11 Straight Days

Dan Evon

Can you be too big of a soccer fan? Jiang Xiaoshan, a Chinese man with an extreme passion for sports, watched the Euro 2012 tournament for 11 straight days. He died of exhaustion on Tuesday morning.

The Daily Telegraph reports that because of the time difference, Xiaoshan was forced to watch the Euro 2012 matches at night. Xiaoshan would go to work during the day and then stay up all night watching soccer with his friends. The sports fan kept this routine up for 11 sleepless days. reports that Xiaoshan returned home to get ready for work after the Ireland verse Italy match on Tuesday morning. He took a shower, then took a small nap before work. Unfortunately, he never woke up.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Xiaoshan smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol during his 11 day sport watching bender, which in addition to his chronic exhaustion, contributed to his death.

Xiaoshan's friends said that they were shocked by his death because he lived a relatively healthy lifestyle.

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time that a sports fan has suffered health issues from watching too much soccer. Several people were admitted to the hospital during the World Cup in 2006 and 2010 after watching soccer continuously for days.