Kylie Jenner Gets ‘Inappropriate’ Gift From Caitlyn Jenner, Rob Kardashian Resurfaces To Promote Kylie’s Lip Kits

Kylie Jenner’s family is getting into the holiday spirit the only way they know how: by shamelessly self-promoting themselves and their products. Caitlyn Jenner did this in a truly bizarre fashion by gifting her trendsetter daughter with some new underwear, and Rob Kardashian actually came out of hiding to help Kylie with her new Lip Kit business.

Caitlyn Jenner got in the giving spirit early by presenting Kylie Jenner with a gift that would make most daughters cringe. In a sneak peek of tonight’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Caitlyn gives Kylie a present that the teen deems “inappropriate.” Why? Because she doesn’t want her dad’s face on her butt!

As People reports, the sneak peek shows Kylie Jenner receiving the unwrapped gift from her dad.

“I only have a couple of these and I’m going to give one to you,” Caitlyn tells Kylie. She then presents her daughter with a bra and panties set, from WhoCaresNyc?, emblazoned with her face.

“This is way too inappropriate for me to wear,” Kylie Jenner says after looking at her bizarre gift. “I have my dad on my underwear.”

Caitlyn is seemingly playing a joke on her daughter, because she responds to Kylie’s discomfort by saying that she “totally” agrees that the gift is inappropriate. However, Kylie isn’t too creeped out by her new Caitlyn Jenner intimate apparel — when Caitlyn tries to take the bra and panties back to re-gift to someone else, Kylie insists on keeping them.

“No!” Kylie protests, much to Caitlyn’s delight. “I want them!”

According to Hollywood Life, Kylie Jenner posted an up-close photo of the Caitlyn Jenner underwear on her Instagram page back in September, but she deleted it.

“This is getting out of hand,” Kylie captioned the photo.

Kylie’s loved ones really seem to love gifting her with undergarments. According to E! News, her rapper boyfriend, Tyga, has also given her a pair of underwear to model. Back in June, Kylie Jenner shared a Snapchat photo of herself rocking a pair of boxer briefs from Tyga’s Crisp collection.

There’s no word on whether Caitlyn gave Kylie the face photo undies because they’re a product that she’s using the teen to promote, but so far they haven’t showed up for sale anywhere.

Perhaps the Caitlyn undies will give Kylie Jenner an idea for her next business venture. The teen’s famous pout helped her Lip Kits sell out within mere minutes, so maybe her hardcore fans would purchase bras and panties emblazoned with Kylie’s lips. And speaking of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits, the teen has seemingly enlisted her older half brother, Rob Kardshian, to help her promote the popular product. Rob rarely posts anything on Instagram these days, but he recently used the social media site to reassure Kylie fans that the sold-out Lip Kits will soon be back in stock.

Rob Kardashian is so reclusive that he didn’t even pose in the Kardashian family’s recent Thanksgiving photo, and he also opted not to appear in his Kylie Jenner Lip Kit promo. According to Us Weekly, he used a friend’s dog instead.

“I guess someone is disappointed they didn’t get Kylie’s lipkit!!!! Don’t worry buddy more coming soon!” the photo below was captioned.

Rob Kardashian Instagram Post
Rob Kardashian promotes Kylie Jenner's lip kits on Instagram (Image via Rob Kardashian/Instagram)

There’s no word on whether Rob Kardashian actually posted the message himself or whether one of his family members hijacked his Instagram account.

Does Kylie Jenner’s gift from her dad make you cringe? And do you think that it’s sweet or sad that Rob Kardashian is using his Instagram page to promote his successful little sister’s products?

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]