WWE Rumors: Is Jim Ross Dead?

The latest WWE rumors has fans wondering if legendary commentator Jim Ross is dead or alive, according to Wrestling Inc.

Is Jim Ross dead?

Death hoaxes have become a common thing since social media exploded on to the scene. Perpetrators are successfully able to pull off these pranks because there are so many gullible people online who will believe everything that they see and pass the word on to others. On an almost weekly basis, we see various celebrities be victims of these hoaxes. This week, professional wrestling became the target. Word spread online that former WWE commentator Jim Ross had passed away and it spread like wildfire.

The source of the rumor has been found. Apparently, a hacker took over the Twitter account of Jim Ross, who posts frequently and interacts with fans all the time. The individual posted something about the death of the legendary commentator. Rather than checking facts, a lot of people wholeheartedly decided to believe the rumors. They then took to social media to strike up discussions, which caused other gullible fans to believe it as well. Jim is very much alive as of this very moment.

Ultimate Warrior

Death hoaxes in wrestling

Not a lot of people are aware of this, but there are a good amount of death hoaxes in professional wrestling. For years, people wondered if the Ultimate Warrior had died. The reason why those questions were around was because he stayed away from the industry for a very long time. There are even those that believe that the former WWE Heavyweight Champion had died and was replaced by an impostor because his body had changed while he took an extended break from the promotion.

There is a surprising amount of searches on a daily basis by fans wanting to know if John Cena has passed away. Certain fans keep themselves as uninformed as possible while speaking out frequently on social media. A simple search of his Twitter account will show that Cena is still alive. He posts quite often. Plus, WWE also will post about his various appearances. Some fans don’t realize that if John were to actually pass away, it would be major news that is even covered by the mainstream media.

John Cena

Jim Ross’ popularity

A big reason why so many people fell for the Jim Ross death hoax is because of his popularity. He is quite beloved by WWE fans because he was the voice of the Attitude Era, a period of professional wrestling that people still yearn for. To give you a better perspective, Donald Haviland, who portrayed the underground sensation Hack Meyers in the original ECW, recently passed away at just 41 years of age. Very few mentions were made of him on social media. There wasn’t a large group of people who changed their Facebook profile picture for him.

The fact that there is still a good amount of fans that have been begging WWE to bring Jim Ross back shows just how popular he is. Despite Michael Cole doing a superb job as the play by play announcer, fans would still much rather see Ross and Jerry Lawler behind the commentating table. The combination was a major part of the Attitude Era, with Jim making every match seem like a battle to the death, and Jerry making sophomoric jokes that seemed targeted towards junior high kids.

Do you feel that far too many people are gullible for believing the Jim Ross death hoax?

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