New Album Announcements And End Of Year Releases That Won’t Break The Bank

Adele’s new album has been reported to be one of the biggest releases for an artist for a long time. With it, big names are associated such as the lead singer of the British alternative rock band called Blur, who is also involved with other successful projects such as Gorillaz.

However, the music machine never stops and today, people have the freedom to venture outside of the mainstream to get their music online. There are other acts out there who are announcing new album releases, many of them with a very loyal fan base such as those who support the acts mentioned above, earned over performances and independent releases that are focused on specific listeners.

1. Alfresco Love Sounds (U.K.)

Playing a few tunes at @katiefitzgeralds @newlosangeles represent!! Thanks @laurenhavins for le piccy xxxx #music #twitter #EARLYMORNINGZ

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To start, one act out of Birmingham, West Midlands, called Alfresco Love Sounds, that blogs regularly and provides a newsletter to listeners to keep them up to date, much like the band did this week with news about a new album to come in early 2016.

In actuality, that “band” is really, at the very least, one singer-songwriter named Tom Ward, who uses their own initiative to wrote, produce, and mix their own albums, usually from the bedroom. At the very most, Alfresco Love Sounds is a duo, but in the latest newsletter announcing the new album — which is due to be released in 2016 — Ward states that it will be the first time working with a full band.

There are no other details as to what listeners should expect from the new release, however, Ward did take one of his tracks from their previously released EP, Spare Time, which is no longer available, and layered it over a series of smartphone videos taken throughout the year.

According to his Tumblr blog, he’s been out of the music loop for a bit, but is ready to release his sounds, even those which didn’t make the cut as a separate release, making him a very prolific artist. As most of the artists in this list, he generally releases his music via Bandcamp.

2. Gleemer (Colorado)

New album by gleemer, loveland, CO Cover for new album by Colorado’s indie rock band Gleemer [cover by Jack Garland / Hank Vohrer via Bandcamp]Another new album from an up-and-coming band is out of Loveland, Colorado, called Gleemer, who have been getting a lot of attention with every release.

Their sound is in the same vein as the more brooding and atmospheric feel of The Cure, the legendary ego band who have also announced they will be working on a new album after settling their legal disputes with their label, as mentioned in The Sunshine Herald.

Gleemer’s sound is recognized under the shoegaze, dreampop genre, a popular music scene for those who prefer more than the standard hooks in their music.

Even the previously mentioned Tom Ward of Alfresco Love Sounds is a fan of their work.

Finally got my @Gleemer tape, but I got two, feelin special man

Posted by Alfresco Love Sounds on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Their new release is a nine-track album released on December 4, 2015, which is also available in a pay-what-you-want model through bandcamp.

new album practice session for Gleemer band Gleemer band members going over new album songs during practice session. [image from Gleemerband’s Facebook page]Gleemer scooped up the bulk of their listeners with their No Goodbyes EP, seen above, which received a lot of attention when it was released in January of 2015.

3. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings (Brooklyn)

The end of the year is always a popular time for new album releases such as a new holiday album by soul singer Sharon Jones of Daptone records, with the Dap Kings.

new album release by Sharon Jones for the holidays Sharon Jones’ new album for the holidays cover. [image by Jacob Blickenstaff / BANDCAMP]The label itself is self-made and specializes in vintage recording technology and keeping the sound of soul alive. Sharon Jones was mentioned as being part of a tribute to British singer Amy Winehouse, in a post written on the Inquisitr back in 2011, when she passed.

Sharon Jones has, herself, been in recovery for cancer diagnosis which she talks about in an article by Rolling Stone last year during the release of another new album.

Here the label released a video with the Jones and the Dap Kings doing a cover of the holiday classic, “White Christmas” on their new album.

4. Brothertiger (Brooklyn)

new album released by Brothertiger called Out Of Touch New album by brother tiger called Out Of Touch, of a painting by John Jagos, Sr. [image by Jimmy Noyes/Bandcamp]Also this week, music blogs have been buzzing with a highly-anticipated release from a producer out of Brooklyn, New York, who goes by the name of Brothertiger with a new album called Out Of Touch.

Brothertiger has a intimate relationship, as do the others on this list, with their fans and keeps them up to date with details on their travels and their releases, strengthening the bond between artist and listener, such as on this Facebook post to describe an image while on tour in November.

:: Denver ::So incredibly pumped to play at Lost Lake tonight! Tickets available online and at the door. Got some…

Posted by Brothertiger on Friday, November 20, 2015

The album is now available for streaming and download, also through Bandcamp.

[Featured image by David Wilson via Flickr is under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) License]