Oprah’s 26-Pound Weight Loss With Weight Watchers, Gayle King’s 1.5-Pound Weight Gain [Videos]

Oprah Winfrey has shared her weight loss struggles with the world for years now. Who can forget the time Oprah detailed the way she lost approximately 67 pounds by going on a liquid protein diet, and dragged out onto the stage of her talk show a red wagon filled with more than 67 pounds of fat? Now, Oprah is revealing the secret to her 26 pound weight loss, reports the Daily Mail.

Oprah admits that she nearly starved herself all those years ago on the four-month long liquid protein diet in order to get into those size 10 jeans that she wore on stage of her famous talk show. Back then, as soon as Oprah allowed herself to begin eating food once more, she gained back a lot of weight. According to the publication, this time Oprah is giving kudos to Weight Watchers for helping the 61-year-old former talk show queen drop the pounds. Starting with five pounds dropped in August during her first week on the Weight Watchers program, Oprah’s weight loss eventually hit 15 pounds lost; now, she’s dropped 26 pounds.

Oprah shared her weight loss secrets via her O magazine, in which Oprah spilled the beans about the new workout that she calls her favorite exercise.