Hunter Pence Delivers Adorable Proposal At Walt Disney World: Giants Right Fielder Stages Fake Interview For Surprise [Video]

Hunter Pence knows how to make a girl smile. The 32-year-old San Francisco Giants right-fielder proposed to his girlfriend at Walt Disney World on Thursday, and he faked her out by making her think he was giving an interview, People reported.

Pence and his best gal, Alexis Cozombolidis, were in the Happiest Place on Earth for a vacation when Hunter popped the question. Atop the Contemporary Resort (a tony Disney resort hotel just across the lake from the Magic Kingdom), Disney employees, pretending to be a camera crew and interviewer asking the couple about their happiest memories, recorded the moment.

Hunter almost timed his proposal with the Magic Kingdom fireworks going off in the background, but between his long buildup and getting tripped up over his words (who can blame him?), he couldn’t get his words out in time. In fact, Alexis even said “yes” before Hunter even got around to asking.

After the proposal, Hunter and Alexis had supper at the California Grill, a fancy restaurant atop the Contemporary Resort known for its stunning views of the Magic Kingdom. Diners who time their dinner reservations just right can see the Magic Kingdom’s nightly fireworks going off through the restaurant windows.

“SHE SAID YES!! I am such a lucky man! Proposal link in my bio:”

When he’s not taking his relationship with his girlfriend to the next level, Hunter Pence has a rather adorable relationship with his fans, as well. Since 2014, fans have been bringing signs into stadiums where he’s playing, gently mocking him for ridiculous reasons, like “Hunter Pence can’t parallel park,” according to ESPN.

It started in New York (where else?), when a couple of kids brought the mocking signs to the Mets’ Citi Field for reasons known only to themselves. From there, mocking Hunter Pence became a kind of game-within-a-game whenever Pence and the Giants are playing with other fans bringing gently mocking signs into the stadium. The phenomenon even got its own hashtag: #HunterPenceSigns.

It’s all in good fun, and Hunter gave it right back.

Well-played, Hunter.

It’s not clear how long Hunter and Alexis have been an item. On her Facebook profile, she doesn’t specify how long she’s been in a relationship with the Giants pitcher. She does, however, say that she from L.A., studied at the University of Southern California, and lives in San Francisco. On her LinkedIn profile, Alexis reveals that she works in the film, TV, and online video industry.

“Presently, I spend most of my time working with a wide array of talented independent filmmakers on original productions and promotion/distribution. I also occasionally help source teams and manage production for startups looking to create original video content to attract users to their product, or to explain their product to prospective users. Increasingly, I’ve also been doing voice over and audio-editing work for video games. Oh…and yes, I’ve met Ryan Gosling :)”

And, she’s about to be married to a multimillionaire professional athlete, so she’s got that going for her.

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As of this writing, Hunter Pence and Alexis haven’t yet revealed a wedding date.

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