Man Assaults Police Officer While Resisting Arrest For Domestic Violence

A sergeant from York County Sheriff’s Department suffered an injury to the knee as he arrested a suspect early Saturday morning. The Parsonsfield man in question has been placed under arrest and will face charges for the assault on the police officer, as well as that of his original arrest for domestic disturbance.

Thirty-year-old Eric Marshall Olin broke into the trailer home of his former girlfriend at Sokokis Trail in Waterboro. The man came upon his ex-girlfriend and a male companion and proceeded to assault the sleeping couple. Fortunately, the male companion managed to escape and was able to run to a neighbor’s house to get help and call the police. The Portland Press Herald wrote that the police arrived at the trailer home a little after 1 a.m. on Saturday morning and were told that Olin was hiding inside the trailer home. The deputies managed to subdue the man and arrest him.

While the Parsonsfield man was handcuffed and led to the police cruiser, Olin further resisted arrest and in a futile attempt to escape, he attacked one of the police officers. He lunged at Steven Thistlewood and caught the sergeant by surprise. The officer was knocked off balance and the force of the attack caused him to fall to his right knee with an excessive amount of force.


That fall had consequences for both the sergeant and Eric Marshall Olin. Officer Thislewood had to go the hospital, Southern Maine Health Care in Sanford, to get treatment for his injuries. Though the diagnosis of damage to the medial collateral ligament was not severe enough to warrant being admitted to the hospital, the York County Sheriff William King did announce that the injury to his knee did result in sergeant Steven Thistlewood having to be out of work. The Sheriff also stated that unfortunately, they were not able to specify the amount of time that the sergeant will be forced away from his job. After his treatment and release from the hospital, he was referred to a specialist.

Naturally, Olin now faces charges for assaulting the police officer and is currently being held at York County Jail. The man is also being held without bail because of his actions. In fact, the police discovered that Olin already had a prior conviction and was on parole when he broke into his ex girlfriend’s house to assault her. He will also be charged with violating the terms of his release. According to WMTW News, Sheriff King reported that the same ex-girlfriend had to file a complaint against Olin previously for another domestic violence incident.


The Parsonsfield man will be charged with one count of assault for the violence perpetrated against the police officer, as well as one count of assault for that committed against his ex girlfriend’s male companion and the ex girlfriend, too. Olin will also be charged for violating conditions of his release.

Eric Marshall Olin is scheduled to make his first appearance in court for the hearing regarding all the charges he wracked up with his decision to pay a midnight visit to his former girlfriend’s house. The case against Eric Marshall is scheduled to begin on Monday.
[Photo Courtesy of York County Sheriff’s Department]