Ben Affleck NOT Dating Sienna Miller After Splitting From Jennifer Garner

Niki Cruz

Since Ben Affleck's split from wife Jennifer Garner, magazines have been trying to pair him with recently single starlets. One of them is his current co-star Sienna Miller, who he is currently starring alongside as well as directing in the new film, Live By Night.

Sienna Miller recently split from actor Tom Sturridge and reports had her rebounding with Ben Affleck.

According to OK! a source told them that the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice actor had "Miller on his mind" for a while. When they started filming, things allegedly progressed. That said, sources go on to say that he's not looking for anything serious with Miller because he wants to concentrate on his children. The source went on to say, "while a long-distance romance may be a turnoff to some, Ben likes that Sienna is based in London." The only thing this report seems to have right is Affleck's priority being his children.

According to Gossip Cop, this report, as well as recent reports stating Affleck had linked up with Pearl Harbor co-star Kate Beckinsale, couldn't be further from the truth. A source connected to Affleck told the outlet that these rumors were fabricated.

— Lillian Foster (@FlamingLillian) December 1, 2015

According to a source that Celebrity Dirty Laundry spoke to, Ben and Kate consoled each other from their recent splits. The "insider" also went on to describe the nature of their fling to The Sun.

"Kate used to be madly in love with Ben. He would make her giddy with excitement any time they were in the same room."

— Randi Chase (@RandiChase) November 30, 2015

A source told the magazine, "Ben has had an epic crush on Halle ever since he saw that sex scene in Swordfish back in 2001." The source went on to say that the actor was thinking about making his move. How is he going to do that?

Well, the source said, "He's now trying to find a role for her in one of his next movies by way of getting to know her, but his friends just wish he'd take her out on a date and get her out of his system, rather than spend four months wooing her on a movie set."

In the midst of the rumors, these same magazines have been reporting that Affleck and Garner are closing in on a reunion, leading to numerous contradictory reports. As it is, sources from Affleck and Garner's official camp have told People that both are looking forward to spending the holidays together as a family for the sake of their three children.

Could these magazines just be looking to get their revenue up before the holiday season? What do you think about these rumors?

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