Toddler Smoking Weed: Chicago Parents Let Toddler Son Smoke Marijuana, Post Video On Social Media [Video]

Detectives with the Chicago Police Department are working diligently to identify the parents of a toddler filmed smoking marijuana. Earlier this week, the footage of the little boy surfaced online and now the disturbing footage has gone viral.

The 17-second clip begins with the camera focused on the toddler, dressed in only a diaper, holding what appears to be a joint. Someone in the background can be heard encouraging the little boy’s smoking by telling him, “smoke man” and “inhale” while explaining how it should be done by making sounds and showing him how to smoke. The little boy raises the joint to his lips at least twice throughout the video before the man in the background says, “Let me hit that, OK?”

Needless to say, the disturbing video has sparked controversy and now local activists and social media users everywhere are hoping the toddler’s parents are held accountable for the video of him smoking weed.

Here is the clip:

Warning: Video contains graphic content that may be offensive to some viewers.

According to NBC-Chicago, Community activist Andrew Holmes notified the Chicago Police Department after he learned of the video. During an interview with WMAQ-TV, Holmes shared his reaction to the video and the child’s parents for encouraging the child’s behavior. He also urged anyone who could identify the toddler to cooperate with the Chicago Police Department’s investigation into the weed smoking video.

“This is sickening,” Holmes said. “This child needs help ASAP if he hasn’t had help already. It’s disturbing to hear the adult that was in the background to let them hit it and they’re telling the child to inhale. If anyone could recognize that child or know who that child is, don’t be afraid to call the Chicago Police Department.”

The latest disturbing clip follows a string of others similar in kind. Back in 2010, a 21-year-0ld mother, identified as Jessica Gamble, became the center of controversy after a cell phone video of her 2-year-old toddler smoking weed surfaced online. In that particular video, the mother was actually heard teaching her daughter how to inhale and exhale smoke and fumes. Almost immediately after the video surfaced online, it sparked outrage and social media users had no reservations about criticizing Gamble for her seemingly careless actions. Thanks to the viral video, it didn’t take long for local authorities to identify her. The Cincinnati, Ohio, mother was arrested and charged with child-endangerment.

According to New York Daily News, the charge came with a possibility of a maximum of 11 years behind bars. While it is unclear whether the most recent incident will lead to jail time for the little boy’s parents, Andrew Holmes is hoping the parents are held accountable.


Although Holmes has encouraged anyone with information about the toddler’s parents to come forward, no one has spoken out yet. The Chicago Area South Special Victims’ Unit investigation into the footage of the toddler’s weed-smoking video will be ongoing. However, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services has not confirmed whether its department will conduct an internal investigation and the Illinois Attorney General’s Office has stated that there is currently no investigation of the video in its office.

Do you think the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and the Illinois Attorney General’s Office should investigate the weed smoking video to hold the toddler’s parents accountable? Share your thoughts.

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