‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abigail Is Desperate To Reunite With Her Baby, Hope Makes Bold Moves, And Key Characters Return To Salem

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that there is a big week of action ahead, and fans won’t want to miss a minute of the action. Ben has set the cabin on fire, taking the baby while leaving Chad and Abigail behind. Hope is crossing lines in her quest to avenge Bo’s death, and Kayla and Steve are reuniting. What’s coming up during the week of December 7?

We Love Soaps shares that Abigail and Chad will work desperately to escape the burning cabin. Days of Our Lives spoilers have indicated that Chad will carry Abby out of the cabin, and they will be found quickly. The hunt will be on to find Ben, and it would seem he is tracked down fairly quickly due to some kind of mistake he makes. However, he won’t have the baby with him.


According to We Love Soaps, Abby and Chad will be hospitalized, but they’ll be desperate to figure out where Ben has put the baby. Abigail will beg Ben for answers, and he will give a location for where the baby supposedly is. However, it sounds as if he may give them a false location. Chad will be right by Abigail’s side as she waits for news on the baby.

Viewers watched as Hope put a gun to Dr. Malcolm’s head, and Rafe intervened. Days of Our Lives teasers share that on Monday’s show, she will have something surprising to share with Roman. It seems she’s going to quit the police force, but Roman apparently won’t accept her resignation. However, he will tell her she needs to take a leave.


Theo is said to get a cruel text message on Monday, while Kate and Eduardo grow closer to one another on Tuesday’s show. Hope and Malcolm will connect again on Wednesday’s show, and they strike some sort of deal. As fans have seen, Malcolm is working with someone, though, and there is surely a lot more yet to be revealed regarding Bo’s captivity.

Belle is getting pulled into Sami’s schemes, and she isn’t happy about it. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Andre will be going after Belle this week, hoping to use her to get to Sami. While Andre may think that using Belle will be an easy approach to get to Sami, but Belle will show a fierce side to herself that shows she’s not an easy mark.

On Wednesday’s show, viewers will finally see Tamara Braun return as Ava Vitali. She has wrecked a lot of havoc for Steve in the past, and it seems she’s back to try again.

Days of Our Lives spoilers have teased that she is working with Joey, though he surely doesn’t know quite what she’s trying to do. Viewers will see John asking Eduardo some questions, but it seems that Eddie will prove to have some big secrets he’s trying to maintain.

There’s another big return on Thursday’s show, as John-Paul Lavoisier steps into the role of Philip. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that he’s got his eyes on big changes for Titan, and this will surely shake things up in Salem. Viewers will see Brady talk with Theresa about his reservations regarding Philip, while Joey is struggling and Steve and Kayla make love.

As the week wraps, Kayla and Steve will be looking toward a future together again, but with Ava’s return to town that will certainly be threatened. There will be more from Abigail and Chad together in Friday’s show, while Hope and Malcolm’s deal is shaken up in some way.

What will Malcolm reveal to Hope? What is Ava’s agenda in Salem? Will Abigail safely reunite with baby Thomas? It’s shaping up to be an explosive week in Salem, and fans won’t want to miss what’s coming next on Days of Our Lives.

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