Ronda Rousey Lost Because She Was “Exhausted” In Days Leading Up To Bantamweight Championship: Terry Funk Angry About ‘Road House’ Reboot [Video]

Did Ronda Rousey flop in UFC 193, losing her bantamweight title in the process, because of all her extra-curricular activities? Several experts have weighed in on whether Ronda lost to Holly Holm because of the media attention, Road House reboot, and the personal drama between her mother and head coach Edmond Tarverdyan.

The MMA community was shocked when Ronda Rousey was knocked out by Holly Holm — an unexpected twist in UFC 193 that lead to a first career loss for Rousey and the loss of her bantamweight title. In a “beautifully delivered combination,” according to NESN, Holm knocked out Rousey in UFC 193 to claim the bantamweight title.


Rousey might get another shot at Holm, who said shortly after her win that Rousey “absolutely” deserves a rematch, according to NESN. Dana White has confirmed that Holm’s first challenger will indeed be Ronda Rousey.

Was Ronda Rousey exhausted in the days leading up to the fight?

According to Dana White, who spoke to Rousey “almost every day after the fight,” Rousey claimed she was “exhausted mentally, physically, emotionally,” reported NESN. Rousey also confessed that she “was exhausted going into that fight,” to White, which lead to difficulty during the match. With acting roles, endorsements, magazine shoots, and other obligations, Ronda Rousey was stretched thin, leaving her little energy to prepare for the championship.


White also revealed that Ronda Rousey had “a lot of personal things going on, too, with her family,” hinting at the reported drama between her mother and her head coach.

For example, Rolling Stone just profiled wrestling legend Terry Funk, who has spent 50 years in the ring, and argued that a reboot of Road House starring Ronda Rousey is ridiculous. As one of the actors in the original Road House, in which Terry tossed rowdy patrons out of the Double Deuce saloon, Funk said it was incredulous Rousey will star in the new version.

“She don’t belong in there!” Funk exclaimed during the interview. Funk also challenged Ronda, claiming he’d “like to go ahead and get her in the godd*** ring – it wouldn’t take me 10 rounds to kick her a**.”

UFC fighter Conor McGregor weighed in with Fox Sports about the Rousey loss and whether women’s MMA is over. “The first thing I watch is the technical aspect” of the fight between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm, McGregor said. Ronda fought “a little bit emotionally invested,” uncommon for the MMA champion.


According to McGregor, all the external pressure might have been weighing heavily on Rousey who “had many, many things going on” since she is “one of the hardest-working fighters in the game, media-wise and work-wise.”

McGregor agreed that Rousey “had a lot on her plate and it showed in the contest,” suggesting Ronda might be too wrapped up in media appearances and acting roles. “Maybe Ronda got too much into the media and with the personal stuff, maybe didn’t focus as much on her training in that current time,” reported Fox Sports.

As for Holms, “Holly came up in the dark, in the shadows; that can help a person,” and it certainly seemed to. She was focused on defeating her opponent and better able to prepare for UFC 193.

McGregor compared Ronda Rousey’s career in the media spotlight to Rocky 3, explaining to MMA Junkie “[h]ave you ever seen Rocky 3? Rocky was doing ads and doing talk shows and doing this and doing that while Clubber Lang was coming up in the shadows, hungry,” suggesting that Rousey should have been concentrating on training instead of media appearances.

His advice to Ronda? “It’s important just to still the mind,” Conor explained according to The Guardian. “Calm it. Make everything smaller than it is. That’s maybe what I would take from” the Rousey vs. Holms fight.

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