‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Character Appears As Secret Easter Egg In ‘Fallout 4’

Sons of Anarchy has a fierce following of devoted fans that were sad to see the series end last December after seven amazing seasons. But there has been a lot of talk about a prequel to the famous series, and Deadline reports that Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter shared what he envisions for the new show.

“At some point I do have plans to hopefully do the prequel, which I do see as a one-off 10- or 12-episode thing where we begin in Nam and see John Teller and Piney and see how that relationship got created, and bring them back to the States and the obvious external dynamics that were going on with the country and the perception of the war and what an odd kind of perception these vets got when they returned home. And then have it be the development of the club, ending before we start to get too close to some of the mythology that’s already been established.”

When it comes to the Mayans spinoff, Sutter tweeted that it wouldn’t be set in Northern California.

Emilio Rivera responded to the tweet, indicating that he would be ready to follow Kurt Sutter wherever he was needed.

Whether Charlie Hunnam will return to play his famous character, Jax Teller, in the prequel has not been confirmed. Jokes abound that he won’t be able to because he’s considering a career switch to the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), but in all seriousness, Inquisitr previously reported that Hunnam says he wouldn’t last more than seven and a half seconds in the ring with Conor McGregor.

“Maybe seven and a half seconds before getting knocked out but it would be a great seven and a half seconds. I feel like I could evade him for seven and a half seconds. He comes out quick.”

Well, fans might not know yet whether there will be a Sons of Anarchy prequel, when it will be made, and whether Charlie Hunnam will be in it, but they can still get their fill of Sons of Anarchy and Hunnam by watching the original series. PopSugar gives a number of reasons why binge-watching Sons of Anarchy is a good thing, such as Hunnam’s good looks; the action, humor, and drama in the show; and the intense storylines.

Apparently, fans can also get a little teaser of Sons of Anarchy in the new Fallout 4 game. Movie Pilot reports that there is a Sons of Anarchy character that lives on in the game — sort of. The game creators love leaving little secret references to well-loved shows, and in Fallout 4, there is a screen on a computer in the BADTFL Regional Office that shows the names of people who were put in jail in 2077. One of those people is Opie Hurst, which is an amalgamation of Sons of Anarchy character Harry “Opie” Winston and the actor who played the part, Ryan Hurst. Some people are catching on.

Sons of anarchy Easter egg I found in fallout 4. Opie is a characters name, and hurst is @RamboDonkeyKong, the actor pic.twitter.com/BmmL4Vctz4

— Supplicant (@avg_supplicant) November 25, 2015

Of course, Sons of Anarchy and Fallout 4 have another link. Ron Perlman, who played Clay Morrow in Sons of Anarchy, has been a voice actor in many of the Fallout games. It’s a good thing Sons of Anarchy keeps popping up because fans sure do miss it!

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