Ted Nugent: America Needs To ‘Cleanse’ Itself Of ‘Subhuman Liberal Freaks’

In an interview with Alex Jones this week, conservative musician and NRA board member Ted Nugent declared, in no uncertain terms, that Americans need to “cleanse this country” of “subhuman freak liberals.”

And then, in case that particular sentiment was not enough to cause outrage, Nugent then inferred that, had he been a Jewish person living in the 1930s, he could have thwarted the Nazis.

The discussion between Nugent and Jones grew increasingly violent as Nugent delved deeper into his theory that America would be better off if cleansed of Democrats, using the story of a good dog inflicted with rabies, Old Yeller.

“I don’t care why he’s foaming at the mouth, I don’t care how he got rabies, he’s rabid, get rid of the damn dog. When Old Yeller brings us slippers, give him a biscuit; when he foams at the mouth, you shoot him between the eyes. Any questions? You got to do it. America, you got to cleanse this country…No, I’m not talking about shooting anybody. I’m talking about dealing with an outrageous condition that is painful and traumatic and frustrating, but if you don’t face the beast, you’re dead, and that’s what’s going on.”

Nugent quickly covered his tracks by stating that he is not talking about actually shooting liberals. However, in the wake of the shootings at Planned Parenthood, as well as the mass shooting at San Bernardino that claimed the lives of 14, having a board member of the NRA issue a violent call to action seem to many to be irresponsible and misguided.

But, Nugent says, he is simply giving a voice to the so-called silent majority, who know the truth “about this criminal empire in the government of the United States of America” and “this freedom-hating, America-hating punk president.”

“They now recognize the curse, the self-inflicted curse that is Barack Obama and the liberal Democrats who hate freedom, who hate the Constitution, who hate the Bill of Rights. They don’t believe in self-defense, they don’t believe in independence, they don’t believe in being the best that you can be, they are intentionally on a runaway freight train to weaken America and to reward the bloodsuckers while they punish the producers.”

Jones, for his part, willingly amplified the atmosphere with Nugent, saying that, “The Democrat leadership and their constituents now, more and more, literally hate America and have a death score to settle and want to mount our head on the wall like a trophy when this country and our forbearers gave these spoiled a** b**ches everything they’ve got.”

Outrageous interview by Ted Nugent with Alex Jones Alex Jones is the host of the radio talk show Infowars. [Photo by Getty Images Europe]Nugent then discussed one of his favorite topics — the military. Nugent claims that the military feels conflicted because they know that President Obama, their commander-in-chief, is “the enemy.” Ted Nugent then warned listeners that if they “don’t vote Republican in 2016, we will become Barack Obama’s dream and that is a suburb of Indonesia where individuality, independence and freedom is gone like a Dodo bird.”

Jones asked Nugent if he thought any of the GOP candidates would, perhaps, ask Nugent to run as vice president or give him a cabinet position, to which Nugent said that his fans are actually asking him to run for president. And, Nugent explained, as president, he would move to “eliminate welfare because all it is is a carrot for dopes who want free stuff.”

And then, in a truly bizarre twist, Nugent explained how, had he been a Jew targeted by the Nazis, he would have led all the other Jews in a revolt that would have changed the course of history.

“I wanted to be a Jew in Nuremberg in 1938. While the Brownshirts were hurling people onto trains, I would have figured out a way to get that Brownshirt, Nazi-punk-a** luger away from him. I would’ve shoved it up his a** and I’d touched off a clip, I would’ve got the magazine and I would’ve got all the other Jews to raise hell. Now I’m not knocking people who fell for it, but I’m telling you, don’t fall for it. Don’t get on the train.”

[Photo by Getty Images North America]