Arnold Schwarzenegger: Climate Change Hard On The Brain, Global Warming Fight Needs China And U.S. To Cooperate

According to former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, climate change science is very difficult for the average brain to understand. Based upon this presupposition, he believes climate change deniers are confused by the "miscommunication" of science, claiming that scientists need to "simplify the message." Schwarzenegger also met with China's climate change negotiator in order to help organize support for fighting global warming.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, NASA recently proved the Antarctic ice sheet has been growing, even though a 2013 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report "concluded that the Antarctic ice sheet has lost an alarming amount of mass with little or no gain." At the same time, a very large part of Greenland's ice sheet is melting rapidly at an increasing rate.

Many celebrities and politicians are currently meeting at the 21st annual Conference of the Parties (COP21) in Paris, France, including Al Gore, Sean Penn, U.S. President Barack Obama, Schwarzenegger, Bill Nye, and Michael Bloomberg.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Climate Change And Global Warming Too Hard For The Public To Understand
Arnold Schwarzenegger [Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]When Schwarzenegger spoke about climate change, he related stories of his farm-based childhood to drive the point home.

"One of my chores was every morning at six o'clock to go to the farm next door and to milk the cow and to bring home the milk," he said, according to ABC. "It did not matter what the weather was — whether it was cold, it was hot, raining, thunder, shower, whatever. My brother and I walked 200 meters to the well to get our family's source of water for drinking and for bathing every day. We played in the fields, we swam in the streams and the lake — the environment was absolutely everything to us."

Schwarzenegger said that during his childhood he never imagined that humanity would put 40 billion tons of carbon emissions into the atmosphere, but he also never imagined he would be given a chance to make political change as governor of California. During this time period, he put pressure on decision-makers to focus on alternative energy like solar power and wind.

"This is the challenge of our time and this is the real world," he said. "This is not the movie world which is the other world that I come from. There are no visual effects here, no special effects, there is no script writing that we can change for a better ending — nothing like that."

But now, Schwarzenegger is putting pressure on the general public. He believes there has been a "miscommunication about climate change," since people cannot relate to issues that may not become deadly for another 50 years or more. It's a global warming fact that about half of Americans are not concerned about global warming or climate change, so Schwarzenegger believes climate change needs better salesmanship so that the public's brains can comprehend the problem.

"We've just got to simplify the message," he said. "We need to have the general public become part of the movement, and the only way the general public becomes part of the movement is if it is a simple message, and if it's an uplifting message, and if they know that if we don't go in the right direction it goes south and we're going to have the consequences of all these people dying. And I think we can do better than that."

The final draft agreement for the COP21 summit is directed keeping global warming limited to an average global temperature increase of 1.5 Celsius. In order to reach that goal, China's climate change policy has to make many hard decisions.

(Beijing - Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)
Beijing [Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images]Based upon information from the Center For Climate And Energy Solutions, China has been the world's largest greenhouse gas emitter since 2006. In previous announcements, China said they intended on "peaking greenhouse gas emissions by around 2030, and increasing non-fossil sources to 20 percent of total energy by 2030." In recent talks, they also discussed "reducing carbon intensity 60-65 percent below 2005 levels by 2030."

According to Arnold Schwarzenegger, climate change needs to be fought based upon "collaborative" efforts which go beyond "political beliefs, ideology." He noted how China's global warming problem is largely due to the entire world outsourcing its pollution to China by having the Chinese create the world's products.

"It's not them versus us, it's more like how do we do this together," Schwarzenegger said, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

Schwarzenegger believes the United States and China need to work together in order to fight climate change.

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