Justin Theroux Denies Saying 9/11 Was A Good Thing For New Yorkers

While filming the HBO series The Leftovers, an extra on the set was offended by an offhand remark made by Justin Theroux about 9/11 and how good it was for New Yorkers.

Justin Theroux is trending in Entertainment news for several reasons lately, including the fact that he almost drowned while scuba diving in Bora Bora while on his honeymoon with his new wife, Hollywood actress, Jennifer Aniston. The couple headed to Bora Bora with a few close friends after their super-secret wedding ceremony.

Justin Theroux Denies Saying 9/11 Best Thing To Happen To NYC, Likely After Seeing Hamilton https://t.co/CcBiwRE68i pic.twitter.com/e76Gr9KV4M

— StarWipe (@StarWipe) November 30, 2015

Now rumors floating around the set of The Leftovers have caused some controversy. According to the extra on the set, Theroux was heard saying in front of others filming the show: “9/11 was the best thing that happened to NYers,” and saying he got a good deal on rent because of it. A source for Page Six said, “He said at the end of the process, the landlord was so mad, they threw the keys at him.”

Theroux’s Greenwich Village apartment was reportedly profiled in the New York Times in 2003 and admired for its unusual décor, made up of things Justin Theroux had found in the trash.

However, a representative for the star of the HBO show The Leftovers said, “As a New Yorker and someone who has lived downtown for over 20 years, Justin would not make jest of 9/11.”

Reportedly Justin Theroux is not the only one to get backlash for their comments about the 2001, 9/11 attacks. Back in September, Steve Rannazzisi of The League was in trouble for making up a story he had escaped from the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attacks.

According to US Magazine, Rannazzisi apologized for his 9/11 gaffe while speaking to Howard Stern in October, saying, “I know what I did was terrible, and I know that I hurt a lot of people — people that lost people, people that helped people survive.”

“And those people are the people that I truly am sorry [to]. I feel awful that my dumb mistake created a story that hit a wound that should never have been touched.”

Entertainment Online mentioned that Devo singer, Jerry Casale offended people generally when he was given a 9/11 themed wedding on the 14th anniversary of the terror attacks in New York City. Reportedly the wedding reception décor included box cutters and even the cake was created in the shape of the Twin Towers, with Casale and his new wife’s faces printed on them.

As the photos of his wedding reception surfaced in the social media, Casale realized his faux pas and reportedly headed to Twitter to apologize, saying it was all a set up.

“Deep apologies for all offended. There is a real explanation and it’s not what you think. Surprise cake and pix to TMZ was a set up.”

Getting back to Justin Theroux, the Inquisitr recently reported on some of the quirks of his famous marriage to Jennifer Aniston. Reportedly the couple, while the best of friends and lovers, likes to spend some time apart from each other.

This idea mirrors the attitude of that another famous Hollywood couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Pitt who, as reported in the Inquisitr a while back, revealed the secret to the success of their relationship. So what is Brangelina’s secret to success? Using the 5:2 principle, meaning they spend five days of the week together and the other two apart.

Using the same principle can only be good for Justin Theroux and Jennifer’s Aniston’s marriage too.

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