Pink Named UNICEF’s Newest Ambassador

Pink and her husband Carey Hart made an appearance at the UNICEF Snowflake Ball in NYC on Tuesday night, according to Popsugar.

The thirty-six-year-old singer was wearing a neckline that made guests’ eyes focus on her ample cleavage, and completed the glamorous look with a stylish black blazer.

Her husband Carey Hart, whom Pink married back in 2006, wore a dark suit with a bow tie and was seen protectively holding her by the waist. The couple looked like the happiest couple in the world, smiling, waving, and posing for photographers gathered on the red carpet of the UNICEF Snowflake Ball.

The event included a musical performance by Pink and honored Orlando Bloom, the star of Pirates of the Caribbean, for his contribution to UNICEF as goodwill ambassador. According to Bloomberg, both Bloom and Pink took the time to offer well wishes for Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s newly-born baby girl – Max Chan Zuckerberg.

Pink’s attendance to the UNICEF Snowflake Ball came just a day after it was announced that the mother-of-one is willing to join UNICEF’s program that has as one of its aims to encourage children and teenagers in the United States to be more physically active, according to the Daily Mail.

Pink is also going to contribute to raising money for vitamin-rich peanut paste that UNICEF is planning to distribute among the malnourished. According to the British news source, about 159 million children around the world will be getting the peanut paste.

Pink has also been announced as UNICEF’s newest ambassador.

The morning after the UNICEF event, the “So What” singer returned to one the most important jobs for a woman – being a mother.

On Wednesday morning, Pink was photographed with her husband, both of whom looked happy and full of smiles at the ball the previous night, taking their daughter Willow for a stroll around New York.

In the pictures provided by the Daily Mail, Pink can be seen wearing a warm green-ish jacket on top of a Scottish-themed dress and black tights. Her look was completed with stylish platform boots and a huge navy scarf, both of which were in harmony with her overall style.

Pink’s daughter, four-year-old Willow, was wearing a dark blue puffer jacket coupled with a pair of dark blue jeans. The cutie was also carrying a Dora the Explorer-themed umbrella, which protected her from the raindrops.

Pink’s husband, Hart, opted for a blue pair of pants, black and white shoes, and a dark blue jacket. The motorcycle racer completed the look with a trucker cap and a pair of sunglasses.

Compared to their all-smiles, happiest couple in the world appearance at Tuesday evening’s ball, the couple didn’t appear to be in very good spirits as they strolled along the New York streets.

A day before the UNICEF Snowflake Ball, Pink appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and revealed that her daughter Willow shares her dad’s interests: the love for motorcycles and acrobatics, as reported by USA Today.

Jimmy Fallon then congratulated Pink and her husband on raising such an adorable baby, and Pink joked that she is “crazy.”

“If she was a cereal, I’d call her Nutty Delicious. She’s nutty! She’s crazy.”

Pink continued, stating that Willow takes a huge interest in both motocross bikes and aerial silks. You can watch the full interview of Pink sharing stories about her cute daughter below.

And it seems that Pink loves not only her own kid. The mother-of-one stopped by The Tonight Show to promote UNICEF Kid Power Bands. This bracelet for kids, which has an aim to encourage children to be more active, awards points for physical activity.

[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]