Jimmy Fallon Reveals Why He Let Harrison Ford Pierce His Ear Onstage

Jimmy Fallon recently had the incredible Harrison Ford on The Tonight Show to discuss the upcoming movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In the new movie, Ford is back in his well-loved role of Han Solo. Stuff reports that Ford told Good Morning America that he saw the new film and he liked it.

"It was great, it's a wonderful movie. It's got great production value. I was delighted to see it."
Check out the trailer to the movie.

Apparently, Ford agreed to be in the new movie because of the great script and the chance to work with J.J. Abrams. But when Jimmy Fallon asked Ford if he got emotional putting on the Han Solo costume once again, Ford had a very simple answer.

"No... I got paid."
It's pretty certain Ford got emotional at least once during the filming of the movie, when his foot got caught in the door of the Millennium Falcon. MovieWeb reports that Ford had a colorful way of telling Jimmy Fallon that the door was closed on his ankle.
"They closed a f***ing door on me."
Ford then said it was Abrams that closed the door on him and proceeded to demonstrate the injury on a vintage Han Solo doll from the original Star Wars movies. Ford was off work for eight weeks recovering from surgery.

And of course, who could go without having a Greedo shot? Not Harrison Ford. Time reports that Jimmy Fallon offered Ford a cool drink of water. What was so cool about it? The ice looked like a light saber! But they had to take a shot of Greedo (a cocktail of cognac and crème de menthe) first.

It's clear that Harrison Ford can give as good as he gets. E! reports that Ford teased Fallon for allowing Ford to pierce Jimmy Fallon's ear when he was on the show in 2013.

"I gotta ask: What kind of guy allows himself to be physically mutilated by an amateur for no apparent reason?"
Perhaps this is a valid question. But Fallon responded that Ford was no amateur.
"You're not an amateur! You're Academy Award-nominated! You almost won an Academy Award, for God's sake!"

Jimmy Fallon has a wide range of guests on The Tonight Show, including contenders in the presidential race, such as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Now he has invited Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to make a guest appearance on the show. Sanders will be on The Tonight Show on December 8. Sanders is up against Clinton to become the presidential candidate for the Democrats, and Deadline reports that she has widened her lead 60 percent-30 percent.

Sanders started the late night talk show circuit when he appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where he gave quite the rundown of Trump's agenda.

"What Trump is doing is appealing to the baser instincts among us — xenophobia and, frankly, racism. You target some group of people, you go after them. You take people's anger and you turn it against them. You win votes on that. I think that is disgraceful and not something we should be doing in 2015."
Recently, he was invited to be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live immediately after Donald Trump cancelled his appearance at the last minute. This gave Kimmel his highest show ratings in almost two years. Sanders has also appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. It will be interesting to see what Sanders will bring to The Tonight Show, or rather what Jimmy Fallon will get out of him (or get him to do).

[Photos by Kevin Winter, Theo Wargo/NBC, Ethan Miller / Getty Images]