WWE Rumors: Lots Of Stables Suddenly Forming In WWE — Are More On The Way?

The stable or faction or group had become long lost in WWE even though it was extremely relevant in other promotions such as TNA and Ring of Honor. In the past year alone, stables have come back alive in WWE and lately, there have been a lot of them coming together. Is yet another touch of the Attitude Era coming back? Are more stables coming?

In the past week, two big-time stables developed with a smaller third one coming into existence as well. Actually, all three of them became a reality on this week’s Monday Night Raw, and they didn’t just slowly come into place…they just appeared.

First of all, Sheamus formed the League of Nations which had “kind of” been building for about a week or so. Rusev and King Barrett were aligned with him already to some extent, but they added Alberto Del Rio this week to make it a fearsome foursome.

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Rumors are flying around that a fifth member would have been, and will be added once Kevin Owens returns this week from an illness.

In retaliation against the League of Nations, and for back-up since he was outnumbered, Roman Reigns formed his own faction. Along with his longtime friend Dean Ambrose, the Usos joined forces with them to create “The Family.”

On Monday Night Raw, Tommy Dreamer returned to side with the Dudley Boyz and take on The Wyatt Family. While there is no name or complete formation between the Dudleys and Dreamer, they do have the ECW connection and will be partnered up together for a while.

Rumor has it that a fourth ECW Original will be coming soon to even the numbers against the Wyatts too.

As for stables that were already in place before the three new factions came about this past week, there were already three others — The Wyatt Family, The Authority, and The New Day.

the wyatt family wwe rumors stables
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The Wyatt Family had been a stable for a while, split up, and then regrouped a few months ago, but now with a fourth member in Braun Strowman. The New Day are considered a “tag team,” but are much like Demolition was when they added Crush and had three members instead of two.

Currently, The Authority doesn’t have a lot to it. J&J Security hasn’t been seen in a long time. Big Show has been noticeably absent and Seth Rollins is out for months due to injury. Corporate Kane turned face and is now Demon Kane. The only members left are Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Back during the Attitude Era, there were stables all over the place and always growing. WWE.com recently put up a video discussing the formations of famous factions, and some were mentioned from present day time and then into the past.

The most current stable mentioned is The Shield which many think may regroup one day and make a comeback.

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Between WCW and WWE, the mid-’90s to early 2000s brought a lot of factions and stables that will go down in wrestling history. Here are just some of them:

  • nWo
  • D-Generation X
  • The Ministry
  • The Corporation
  • The Corporate Ministry
  • nWo Wolfpac
  • The Union
  • The Alliance
  • The Four Horseman
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  • bWo
  • Right To Censor
  • Kaientai
  • lWo
  • West Texas Rednecks
  • The Hart Foundation

WrestleZone is beginning to think that there are too many stables popping up now in WWE, and there could be more coming in the future. All they have to do, though, is look in wrestling’s past and see that there are nowhere near the number of stables that used to be in both WCW and WWE.

The current crop of stables forming in WWE are making things quite interesting and showing that any superstars can side with one another. That’s evident in both the League of Nations and The Family, but it’s possible that more stables could be on the way soon, and that’s not a bad thing.

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