‘RHOA’ Kenya Moore On Winning Bet With Sheree Whitfield, Moore Manor To Beat Chateau Sheree?

With Christmas only about three weeks ago, will The Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers be seeing Kenya Moore or Sheree Whitfield in their finished house by then? In her latest BravoTV.com blog post, posted on Friday, Kenya revealed whether she’s on track to win her bet with Sheree.

Kenya maintains that she’s on track to have her house, which she has nicknamed Moore Manor, completed by Christmas. She wrote that she was actually ahead of schedule until her contractor, who has since been replaced, made a major mistake.

“I am on track and was ahead of schedule until my contractor placed the steel beam in my house on the wrong wall in the wrong direction. I have heard of nightmares in construction, but that is certainly gross negligence. My new contractors are working hard to get us back on track.”

The season 8 premiere episode of Real Housewives ended with a dramatic cliffhanger due to Kenya’s public questioning of Sheree’s house, which she has been building for the past few years. Upon seeing Sheree at Cynthia Bailey’s eyewear launch party, Kenya told her that they are now neighbors since she just brought a property in the same neighborhood that Sheree’s house, nicknamed Chateau Sheree, is in. Kenya then told Sheree, in front of all the other housewives, that all of the neighbors have been complaining about how Chateau Sheree has been under construction for so long.

The two women quickly got into a very heated argument. Sheree retaliated by asking whether Kenya hasn’t moved into her property yet because it’s full of mold and saying that her property is in a ditch. When Kenya replied that she’ll at least be in her ditch while Sheree, whom she called a “b**ch a**,” will still be in a tent outside her house because she can’t afford to move in, Sheree raised her glass and leaned towards Kenya as if she was going to attack. The next episode showed that the other housewives quickly moved in to calm Sheree down. Kenya walked away and innocently told Phaedra Parks that she wasn’t trying to get Sheree worked up.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Sheree claimed in one of her blog posts that Kenya’s property has a whole list of other problems. Sheree also claimed that one of the realtors of the WE tv reality show Selling It In the ATL, which she is one of the executive producers of, passed on Kenya’s property after she found out all of its problems.

On last Sunday’s episode, Kenya Moore unexpectedly paid Sheree Whitfield a visit at Chateau Sheree. Sheree was sweeping the porch. Kenya walked past her and tried to open the front door, only to find it locked. Sheree did not invite Kenya in. The two women then made a bet on whether Moore Manor or Chateau Sheree will be completed by Christmas.

Sheree was on The Real Housewives of Atlanta for seasons 1 through 4. After being absent for three seasons, she returned for the current eighth season as a “friend” of the housewives. Chateau Sheree has been under construction ever since her beginning seasons on the reality TV show. Sheree’s return to the spotlight has meant an increase in interest in Chateau Sheree. Sheree tweeted last Sunday that she’s not afraid to call the cops on people who trespass.

Sheree Whitfield also tweeted that Chateau Sheree is “still a work in progress” and that it still has “a ways to go.”

Perhaps Kenya Moore really will win the bet?

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]