‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Elizabeth Finally Confesses The Truth, How Will Jason React To Her Lies?

It is all about to go downhill for Elizabeth this coming week on General Hospital. Her lies have now caught up with her and it looks like she is going to be doing some confessing to her fiancé, Jason Morgan. The fallout will be devastating but as so many fans are saying, she will get what she deserves.

According to ABC spoilers, Sam is hot on her trail and in order to put some heat on Liz, she decides to pay her a visit. Things get heated between them, and Sam ends up lying to get Elizabeth to confess. She tells her that Laura admitted that she knew the truth and so did Liz. Of course, Laura never confessed, but Liz may be sweating bullets wondering if this is really true.

Supposedly, Jason is supposed to come back home to find those two arguing. Eventually, Elizabeth is expected to bare her soul and finally tell Jason that she has known for months who he was and kept it all to herself. Well, between her, Nik, Laura, and Hayden. Just wait until he discovers that four people knew the truth and not one of them came forward.

Now what will Jason do once he knows that his fiancé lied to him? Will he forgive Liz or run into the arms of his wife? It may be a good idea for the former hitman to figure his life out first before he decides on either woman. One thing is for sure, Sam and Liz will always hate each other because of their affection for Jason Morgan.

Those two women have always been at each other’s throats for many years on General Hospital. Well, they did start getting along quite nicely when Jason was still “dead.” However, once Sam and everyone else in Port Charles found out that Jake Doe was actually Jason, the war started all over again.

Of course, the “Liaison” and “JaSam” war has never stopped. Fans of either Sam or Elizabeth have always taken their favorite girl’s side no matter what they do. Now that Elizabeth has kept Jason away from his family and close friends this whole time, “JaSam” fans are out in full force hating on her even more.

There are actually General Hospital rumors going around that Liz ends up pregnant with her and Jason’s second child, but that may not be true. Of course, she does get pregnant quite easy. Fans will have to wait and see if this comes true or not.

According to We Love Soaps, Jason is supposed to be running off to see Sonny after he learns of Elizabeth’s lies. He may seek some advice from his best friend, even though he still doesn’t remember their past friendship. It will be good to see those two men seeking some comfort from each other as they are both going through a difficult time. Maybe this will even be the thing that Sonny needs to walk again.

Now that Jason will know the truth, this leaves the door wide open for him to reunite with Sam. However, he may not have the same feelings for her like she does for him. And what about Patrick Drake, whom Sam is engaged to? If Jason does want her back, she may just drop the doctor like a hot potato. Unfortunately, poor Emma will be the one who will be hurt the most from this whole thing. In the General Hospital spoilers, Patrick will be trying to reassure his daughter that he and Sam are still getting married. But that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

In the upcoming weeks, Patrick may just set his sights on his ex-wife, Robin, when she comes back to Port Charles eventually. With actor Jason Thompson leaving General Hospital soon, Patrick has been rumored to be heading out of Port Charles with Robin.

Do you think that Sam and Jason will end up back together again? Can you sympathize at all with what Elizabeth has done? Sound off your comments below on this upcoming week of General Hospital.

[Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for Smile Train]