London Tube Stabbing Video: Three People Stabbed As Twitter Video Shows Leytonstone Terrorist Get Tased [Graphic Videos]

The below video that shows a man in a London Tube station getting tased by police as he threatens to stab people is getting plenty of attention on Twitter. Another video below shows the man after he was subdued by London police, with an onlooker screaming at him, “You ain’t no Muslim, bro.”


Posted to the Twitter account of approximately five hours ago — at approximately 4:23 p.m. ET in America on Saturday, December 5 — the footage is being used in news reports around the globe. The man seen in the video wielding a knife in a threatening manner stabbed three people. As reported by CNN, the London Tube station stabbing is being called an act of terrorism.

A more graphic video posted to YouTube titled “Stabbing Terror Attack in London Underground Station” shows a pool of blood on the floor, with someone screaming that the man had stabbed someone. London Tube station passengers can be seen dropping their bags and going near the man, with one man praying aloud for police to tase him.

Warning: The below video of the London Tube station stabbing contains imagery and footage that might be extremely disturbing to viewers.

Prior to police being able to stop the man from stabbing anyone else, he’d stabbed the three people — and in the video, viewers can see Tube station travelers running away from him. Authorities try to tase the man, and the stun gun sound can be heard in the video as well, as the man seems to jump out of the way of the taser. Eventually, the man runs out of the frame of the video, and afterward he was taken down by London’s Metropolitan Police and arrested.

Before being subdued, however, the man caused apparent fear in those who can be seen alternately running from the man with the knife, and cowering in fear and hiding. Some watching urge the man to drop the knife and call the man a fool. A woman can be heard in the video saying that she just wants to get out of the Leytonstone station where the melee is happening.

The man reportedly shouted “This is for Syria!” According to the Associated Press, police declined to comment on the comments about Syria, but did request that they be sent any videos of the incident.

Despite the incident in the London Tube station being deemed a terrorist event, authorities are calling for calm. The terrifying event caused serious injuries to one man and minor injuries to two other people. The public is being asked to keep calm, but to also keep their eyes open and remain aware of their surroundings. The terrorism threat is at a severe level.

As ISIS threats have occurred in the wake of the Paris attacks in November, further European intelligence security experts say that ISIS planned to attack the United Kingdom, reports CNN.

The man stabbing people in the London Tube station wasn’t the first time the London Underground has been the scene of terrorism. Ten years ago, in 2005, London’s subway system and a double-decker bus were the scenes of a bombing attack that killed 52 people and left hundreds more wounded. With a massive reach that stretches for 250 miles, the London Tube is a well-known and popular means of transportation.

In the above videos, police can be heard telling the man to drop the knife.

“Drop it! Right now!”

Once the man is on the ground, police can be seen keeping other people away who try to rush toward the scene, like a woman who approaches the police.

As a result of the incident, the hashtag #DontBombSyria has had activity on Twitter.

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