Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Divorce Rumors: ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Appearance Could Show Real Problems For ‘Bachelor’ Couple

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici could be headed for a breakup, and the viewers who got to see the start of their relationship on network television may now get to see the end of it on cable.

The couple met on The Bachelor and was married live on television, but despite the apparent fairy tale relationship, the two are appearing on the next season of Marriage Boot Camp.

As Celeb Dirty Laundry noted, it may be more than just a chance for some more exposure. Some promotional footage released by the show make it appear that Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici could be headed for divorce — for real.

“Either Sean and Catherine are REALLY good actors (and should get a reality TV Emmy) or their marriage is not HALF as perfect as the producers of ‘The Bachelor’ want their fans at home to think. WeTV has released an all new spoiler video for the upcoming season of ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ – and it does not look good for Sean and Catherine. In the promo video, Sean and Catherine watch videos of themselves talking about what they don’t like about each other.”

Many fans are already perplexed as to why Sean and Catherine would appear on the show, which is about reality television couples who are in dire straits.

But in an interview with People magazine, Catherine made it seem as if the appearance was more of a tune-up than an overhaul.

“It’ll be very different from what you’ve seen us do before,” Catherine told the magazine at the WEtv’s Marriage Boot Camp and Ex Isle Premiere Party. “I think every couple need to improve on their communication, their trust.”

Sean Lowe apparently had some apprehension about joining the show, saying he and Catherine weren’t about to go looking for drama. But ultimately Catherine convinced him it would be a good idea for their marriage.

“I was hesitant going in. The very first day of filming, I was like ‘Get me out of here,’ ” he told People. “Because we’re thrown into a house full of people that are very loud and love conflict and that is totally not us. Catherine, she kind of convinced me to stay because she really had a heart for the people. I kind of jumped on that bandwagon a couple days later.”

But Catherine also tried to assure fans who might be worried that there are serious problems with her and Sean Lowe. She hopes viewers see that they are there to help strengthen their relationship, not to fix anything that’s broken.

Sean added that in the end, he and his wife ended up better off.

“We can get through anything,” he said. “We’re talking about boot camp. It was a really, really difficult two weeks for both of us… me especially. I just relied on my wife to really carry me through a lot of it and to motivate and inspire me to stay and not go home because I felt so uncomfortable. So, just that alone, I think strengthened our marriage.”

But it would make sense that fans jump to the conclusion that Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici could be getting a divorce. The track record for Bachelor and Bachelorette couples is poor, with most of the couples ended up flaming out once they get past the attention of the show. Even many who seem to be on solid ground have broken up, though by all appearances Sean and Catherine seem to be an exception.

[Dan Hallman/Invision/AP]