Charlie Sheen: Ex Says She’s Scared Of Actor, Went Through Months Of Therapy

Brett Rossi, the adult film star who recently filed a lawsuit against former boyfriend Charlie Sheen, revealed that she’s terrified of the actor and had to go through months of therapy after his alleged abuse.

New York Daily News reports that Rossi, 26, now wants justice for what she calls some of the worst months of her life, filled with emotional abuse, assault, battery, and false imprisonment, all allegedly at the hands of Sheen.

“I am terrified of Charlie. Because of him, I’ve lost my dignity. I’ve had to completely find myself again. I’ve had to go through months and months and months of therapy. I have nightmares.”

Sheen and Rossi were engaged for most of the year in 2014, and during that time the actor reportedly forced her into an abortion because he’s HIV positive. Yet, according to Rossi, it was Sheen’s constant mental and physical abuse that led her to file a lawsuit against him, including an alleged text message from the former Two and Half Men star, taunting her over her suicide attempt.

“Funny how an ex-nursing student couldn’t calculate the appropriate dosage with a vintage drug such as Valium to successfully kill herself.”

Rossi pointed out during a recent interview with FOX 411 that she isn’t after Sheen’s money, although the relationship started out that way. The adult film actress, whose real name is Scottine Ross, revealed that in 2013, Sheen paid her $10,000 to have sex with him. The relationship continued on after, but eventually turned abusive.

“I want justice. If I wanted money, I would have kept our child. If I wanted money, I would have kept quiet. I want justice.”

Ross also alleges that Sheen never told her that he was HIV positive until she found his medications in a medicine cabinet in the actor’s bedroom. She states that this crucial piece of information would have saved her months of abuse and heartbreak, as she would have never had a relationship with Sheen had she known his medical history.

“If he would have told me from day one, from the first time that we met, there would have never been a relationship.”

Even after she found out the actor was HIV positive, Rossi remained in a relationship with him. When questioned about it, she said that Sheen indicated they would have a normal, caring life and that he wanted to marry her and settle down.

“I asked him, is this for real, is this what you want, is this forever, now and forever? He said yes, I want to marry you, I want to have a family with you, I want to have normal life.”

Rossi claims that Sheen’s attitude completely changed once he learned that she was pregnant. Instead of being caring, Rossi states that Sheen became irate and threatened to “kick her to the curb” if she had a child with his “HIV positive blood.”

Sheen convinced Rossi to have an abortion, but according to the 26-year-old, her former fiance’s behavior became much worse even though she honored his request. During the summer of 2014, Sheen reportedly went on one of the worst “benders” that she’s seen, including using crack cocaine, alcohol, and locking himself in a room for days on end.

“When he used – and I’m not talking drinking, I’m talking drugs – in the beginning, yes, he was diligent, but it got to a point where you’re so high on crack cocaine that you don’t know what’s up what’s down, if you’ve been locked in your room for three days or three weeks.”

In addition to seeking damages for abuse, Rossi is hoping that her story will help other women in similar situations. Yet Sheen’s attorney, Martin Singer, is quick to point out that Rossi filed a lawsuit against his client only one day after the actor was supposed to give her $1 million to settle all claims, something that Charlie Sheen never signed.

[Photo Courtesy of Michael Buckner/Getty Images]