ISIS Releases Chilling Statement About San Bernardino Shooting, Reportedly Claims Responsibility For Massacre

ISIS has reportedly claimed responsibility for the San Bernardino, California, shooting that took place on Wednesday, December 2. For the past couple days, the Federal Bureau of Investigations has only speculated that the shooting — which claimed the lives of 14 victims and left 19 injured — was an act of terrorism, but have not confirmed.

Now, ISIS has come forward with a chilling statement about the San Bernardino shooting and the Muslim newlyweds responsible for the massacre — Syed Farook, 28, and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, 27. According to NBC News, the militant terrorist group made the announcement on an online radio broadcast. They stated that the shooters, described as “ISIS followers,” carried out the attack that claimed 14 lives.

“Two followers of Islamic State attacked several days ago a center in San Bernardino in California,” the group’s daily broadcast al-Bayan said.

According to the Review Journal, ISIS also hailed the San Bernardino shooters and prayed that God would accept them as martyrs for their actions.

“We pray to God to accept them as martyrs,” ISIS’ al-Bayan Radio declared Saturday.

However, United States government officials claims there is no definitive evidence found suggesting ISIS ordered the attack that was carried out by the San Bernardino shooters. At this point, no motive has been established, but U.S. officials still speculate that the shooting could be an isolated act of terror by two radicalized Muslim-Americans.

During the presidential address on Saturday, Dec. 5, President Obama discussed the San Bernardino shooting, but made no mention of ISIS being responsible for the shooting. However, he did reiterate what he believes is the problem — gun control laws in America. But, nevertheless, he also insisted that the shooting may be an act of terrorism that Americans will not tolerate, as citizens will not be terrorized, according to the Daily Mail.

“We know that the kills in San Bernardino used military-style assault weapons – weapons of war – to kill as many people as they could,” President Obama said. “It’s another tragic reminder that here in America it’s way too easy for dangerous people to get their hands on a gun.”

He added, “Right now, people on the No-Fly list can walk into a store and buy a gun. That is insane. If you’re too dangerous to board a plane, you’re too dangerous, by definition, to buy a gun. We know that ISIL and other terrorist groups are actively encouraging people – around the world and in our country – to commit terrible acts of violence, often times as lone wolf actors. All of us – government, law enforcement, communities, faith leaders – need to work together to prevent people from falling victim to these hateful ideologies.”

The latest ISIS report comes shortly after the media circus that took place outside the shooters’ apartment. Although the San Bernardino shooting is still being investigated and local authorities removed several firearms, 12 pipe bombs, and nearly 5,000 rounds of ammunition from their apartment, there is actually a possibility evidence at the apartment could have been contaminated by members of the media.

Since members of the media were reportedly invited by the couple’s landlord to tour their Redlands, California, apartment, a lot of their belongings were contaminated with fingerprints from members of the media who bombarded the home for live coverage.

It has been reported that the San Bernardino shooting investigation will be ongoing. Do you think ISIS is responsible for the shooting? Or were the shooters just radicalized Muslims? Share your thoughts.

[Photo(s) by FBI via Getty Images]