Duct Tape Dog Guilty: Dog’s Owner Claims She’s A ‘Good Person’ After Animal Cruelty Verdict

The duct tape dog guilty verdict has dog owner Kimberly Ann Howell saying that she is a “good person” despite being convicted of animal cruelty. This case came to light after Howell decided to duct tape her dog’s mouth shut and post a photo of her pup on Facebook. Evidently trying to “teach” her dog a lesson about not biting, Howell was quickly turned in to authorities and found herself facing charges related to animal abuse.

According to the Spreadit, Howell was found guilty on said charges but was given a 45-day suspended sentence, meaning she may never have to actually fulfill the punishment. After being released from jail on $3,000 bond, Howell learned that she will be on probation for 18 months. She was also sentenced to 36 hours of community service, but she may not need to complete it due to the “suspended sentence.”

The duct tape dog guilty verdict pleased many animal lovers who were quick to blast Howell for what she did to her pet. She reportedly took to Facebook to respond to the haters, but after being found guilty, she wrote a lengthy post defending herself. She said that she had considered an appeal, but she changed her mind and is willing to accept the sentence to put all of this behind her. She has even said that she’d like to work for animal control for 18 months (the length of her probation).

“I have made my mistakes in life too and believe me either I’ve paid for them or am still paying for them. But to call me an animal abuser or child abuser that’s so not true. Lesson learned and lesson learned that people are going to assume what thy want about you. Even if they have never met you. Anyone who knows me knows I am a nice and very forgiving person so to all [the] people saying things about me and u don’t even know me I forgive. I’m just almost at the point in tears that people are so mean. And I respect that people are serious about animal abuse, they should be. But I would never abuse my dog. Sad part is people who have never met us are saying different but my dog as happy and playful as can be. I never dreamed human beings could be so cruel and put people they have never met down. My dog is past the point of thinking she is a dog though she goes outside to excessive and use the bathroom that’s it other then that she stays inside with us following all day long she refuses to be left out and makes it a point that she should be apart of every moment of everyday if it’s just eating lunch or dinner or taking a nap on the bed with us.”

The duct tape dog guilty verdict is being applauded by people all over the internet, but many don’t believe that Howell has learned her lesson. Many wanted to see a stricter punishment handed down — or at least one that Howell would have to serve without question.

According to WNCN, Jamie Stivers of Rowan County Animal Control suggests using a muzzle to control a dog’s biting habits. Also, hiring a professional dog trainer can really help curb a dog’s bad habits and can make a world of difference. These, of course, are the safe ways to teach a dog not to bite and should have been what Howell did instead of deciding to duct tape the dog’s mouth shut.

Howell is the second woman to duct tape her dog’s mouth shut and be found guilty of animal cruelty. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a woman named Katharine Lemansky was also charged and found guilty after posting photos of her chocolate lab with duct tape around his snout on Facebook.

[Photo courtesy of Facebook]