One Direction’s Break Is Over? ‘Made In The AM’ Tour Hints At Jingle Ball

One Direction fans that have been feeling sad that 1D will not be touring in 2016 may have a glimmer of hope after all. Although many One Direction fans imagine that they may all be living in Los Angeles in 2016 (and taking turns burping Louis Tomlinson’s baby), it is alleged that there has been some talk about 1D touring for their Made In The A.M. album.

Does this mean that One Direction could be doing a world tour after taking off only part of 2016 — and not the full year? Naturally, many One Direction fans will be clutching their pearls at this prospect, but this rumor is only in the hearsay stages at this time.

The news about the possibility of a Made In The A.M. tour broke on December 5 following One Direction’s performance in Los Angeles for the Jingle Bell Ball. According to UnReality TV, after One Direction left the stage and were going backstage, they were overheard saying that there was interest in touring for Made In The A.M.

The Twitter user @The1DHotSeat alleges that Niall Horan said the following to other members of One Direction.

“I can’t wait to come back [after the break] and tour this album. It’ll be great to bring those songs to life.”

While this sounds like a blatant confirmation that One Direction fans can absolutely expect a Made In The A.M. tour (at some point in the future), none of this has been confirmed so far.

What has been confirmed is that there are plenty of music groups that can’t wait to cash in on some of One Direction’s fans. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, The Vamps are directly stating to the press that One Direction taking off for a year gives The Vamps a great opportunity to make money and temporarily steal 1D fans.

Zayn Malik may also be using the One Direction 2016 break as a way to break out as a solo artist. Since leaving One Direction in March, Zayn Malik has been diligently working with producer Malay Ho on his RCA record label contract promises.

However, unlike One Direction, Zayn Malik is moving from the boy band exoteric, pop-based expression of his musical ability into something more esoteric. In the recent past, Zayn Malik said that the reason he wanted to quit One Direction was due to the fact that he did not necessarily like the musical genres/styles they represented.

Complex recently highlighted that Zayn Malik is getting ready to show the world exactly who he is apart from One Direction. From his revelations about creating music recorded in tents in the woods with Malay Ho, Zayn Malik definitely appears to be in mystic mode and seems to be shedding his 1D boy band skin to allow the soulful musical version of himself a chance to breathe.

What genre of music will Zayn Malik release in his post-One Direction career? At the moment, that has not necessarily been defined — and is still a work in progress. Nevertheless, the reasons that Zayn Malik wants to make music are firm.

According to his recent interview with the Fader, Zayn Malik states the following about his musical evolution.

“A big part of why I left [One Direction] is I made the realization that it wasn’t actually about [being the biggest] anymore. It wasn’t about the amount of tickets sales that I get. It was more about the people that I reach. I want to reach them in the right way, and I want them to believe what I’m saying. I’ve done enough in terms of financial backing for me to live comfortably. I just want to make music now.”

For fans excited to hear Zayn Malik in his post-One Direction version, it appears that new music may be on the way. Producer Malay Ho hinted on Instagram around November 23 that he wishes everyone could hear what he is hearing — and that music he is hinting at might be Zayn Malik (according to the comments section).

[Picture by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]