'Cloaked' Triangle UFO Spotted Whizzing Across The Sky In Cedar Falls And Ames, Iowa

JohnThomas Didymus

A witness in Cedar Falls, Iowa, has reported sighting a silent, triangle-shaped UFO that appeared to "cloak" itself as it flew in a straight line overhead.

According to the witness, in a testimony filed as Case 72695 in the archives of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the sighting occurred at about 9:02 p.m. on November 19 under favorable visibility and weather conditions; there were no clouds overhead and temperatures were relatively mild.

The witness told MUFON that he went outside for a smoke and "noticed a movement to [his] right peripheral side vision in the star-filled sky." He looked up and saw the v-shaped outlines of a triangle craft flying directly over him.

Although the outlines of the UFO were fuzzy and the body apparently translucent, he could discern the v-shaped form in the dark because it was slightly lighter in color than the background offered by the dark night sky.

"[I] saw what appeared as a fuzzy outline of a V-formation or triangle craft directly above," the witness said. "[The object was] hard to discern... as it appeared slightly lighter than the dark background sky, fuzzy edges with a translucent appearance."

The witness said he had to look directly at the object to see it clearly. The object moved very fast and silently across the night sky without lights in a south-southeast direction. It was visible to the witness for about six seconds before it disappeared.

He continued, "No lights, no sound and its glide path was to the south-southeast. Watched it for five-to-six seconds before it faded from view. Speed looked like around 200 mph at say 3,000 feet altitude – just a guess though as I could not tell its size."

He admitted that his estimation that the UFO was flying at about 200 mph at an altitude of about 3,000 ft could be grossly inaccurate because he could not be sure of the absolute size of the object. But, at the moment the object first appeared overhead, it was about the size of his hand held at arm's length.

The apparent translucence of the object seen against the moonlit background of the night sky suggested to the witness the idea of a "cloaked" UFO.

The witnessed expressed amazement that no one reported sighting the UFO that whizzed across the sky over the main street of a city of more than 40,000. He said a UFO website reported sighting of a similar object in Ames -- about 70 miles from Cedar Falls -- 20 minutes before he sighted it in Cedar Falls.

"The object did not reflect from the moon that evening... and appeared to cloak itself somehow to the background. It matched the dark sky so much, I doubt a photo would have shown it unless during the day. This object flew silently down a main street in a city of 40,000+ citizens and no one else saw it? Another UFO sighting page shows the same object about 20 minutes before in the community of Ames, approximately 70 miles away on the same evening. This at least gives my report a little more substance."

Steve Junge and David Kreiter, MUFON representatives in Iowa, investigated the case but were unable to identify the object.

According to a report by Kreiter, "The uncharacteristic movements of the object as well as the shape, descriptions and appearance seem to rule out natural or human-made phenomenon."

Sightings of UFOs that disguise their presence by blending with the background sky are very common indeed. The phenomenon is described by UFO enthusiasts as "cloaking."

UFO enthusiasts claim that many UFOs "cloak" by simulating the appearance of the clouds. Some "cloak" by being translucent, that is, letting light from the Sun or Moon pass through such that only an observant witness notices the faint or blurry outlines of the UFO in the sky.

The idea that UFOs "cloak" by blending with the background sky has caused confusion regarding UFO phenomenon with rare atmospheric phenomena, such as lenticular clouds.

Lenticular clouds are "saucer-shaped" clouds that appear under certain weather conditions.

[Image via Henrickson and Foxbat/Wikimedia Commons]