Tom Cruise Wants Wife Like Amal Clooney? Amal Sparking New Trend For Lawyers

Tom Cruise, notable actor and solid member of the Church of Scientology, is reportedly done dating women in Hollywood. Rumors are indicating that the Mission: Impossible actor has his eye on a different type of woman — one who is similar to the likes of Amal Clooney.

Starpulse shares the claims that Tom is on the hunt for a new lady in his life, someone who is intelligent and not at all wrapped up in the Hollywood lifestyle. Sources offering such reports are not always the most reliable, therefore, as to whether or not the rumors are, in fact, true, only time will tell. Starpulse relays words of an apparent source who has info to share about Cruise’s matchmaking intentions.

“Sources tell the magazine that the candidate must be young and capable of being ‘molded’ into the ‘perfect wife.’ Cruise desires an established businesswoman who’s also someone that can fully support his faith in Scientology.”

Additionally, it’s being reported that Cruise even has a list of ladies that have made the cut thus far. Interesting. These notable businesswomen include Tamara Mellon, Delphine Arnault, Emily Ratajkowski, and Katherine Waterston.

Although Tom has been known to do some pretty outlandish things in the past — his trip to Oprah’s sofa included — it’s difficult to imagine the star jotting down a list of lady must-haves. It seems a bit too striking and out there, even for Mr. Cruise.

However, Amal Clooney is certainly a catch, and her husband, George, is one lucky guy to have such a talented, intelligent, and fashionable stunner on his arm. Amal is turning heads both in the courtroom and outside of it. Entertainment Tonight draws attention to Amal’s chic choice of ensemble for her appearance at a Christmas party on Thursday night.

“Amal Clooney made quite the glamorous appearance on Thursday night at makeup guru Charlotte Tilbury’s Christmas party celebrating the launch of Charlotte’s new flagship beauty boutique in London, flashing her super toned stomach. Amal rocked a vintage Lanvin metallic crop top and matching culottes, looking slimmer than ever while sipping champagne.”

The 37-year-old was George-free for the event and instead enjoyed a night with her mother, Baria Alamuddin. Husband George was reportedly at an outing of his own.

Amal looked gorgeous in the stomach-baring two piece that was perfectly accented by her bronze makeup and fabulous wavy brunette tresses. It’s no wonder Tom Cruise may be seeking an Amal of his very own. Amal and George are clearly still enjoying their union as if newly-weds.

The Clooney’s tied the knot over a year ago and look just as smitten with one another as they did in the beginning stages of their romance. The pair have added a new member to the family, a rescue dog named Millie, as ET reminds.

“The couple adopted 4-year-old Millie, who was rescued by the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society in California. Millie joined their other dog, Louie, who is also a rescue.”

In addition, there have been constant rumors swirling about babies in the future for George and Amal. Most recently, as the Inquisitr reported earlier, there was talk of adoption for the couple. Last year, it was made known that the couple, known for using their spotlight to help with humanitarian efforts, were considering adopting a child from a war-torn country such as Syria. This possibility was stamped out, seeing as it is near impossible to adopt a child from a country like Syria.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]