Cards Against Humanity: Hidden Card In Every Box, Here’s How To Find Yours

“Cards Against Humanity” has become an incredibly popular game among adults everywhere. Some of the cards have mature content and it is a game best played by people who aren’t easily offended. How is this possible? Because the cards are offensive and they may induce guilt and discomfort.

Metro reports that while people have a tendency to play Cards Against Humanity in various ways, the actual way to play it involves everyone taking ten white cards and one person being the card czar. The card czar plays a black card with a question on it and each player answers the question with a phrase on one of their white cards. These are submitted to the card czar, who reads the answers out loud. Everyone votes for their favorite and the player whose answer got the most votes gets the black card and becomes the card czar.

What most people probably don’t know is that there is a secret black card hidden in the Cards Against Humanity game box. One fan of the game posted about it on her Facebook profile.

All fans have to do to get it is cut a hole in their beautiful game box. No biggie, right?

Cards Against Humanity is up to more shenanigans that simply hiding a secret card in the game box. They just played the greatest Black Friday game of all time. Tech Crunch reports that while every other company was selling a whole lot of merchandise, Cards Against Humanity was selling a whole lot of, well, nothing. And they made a lot of money selling nothing. According to Tech Crunch, the FAQ of the Cards Against Humanity site was particularly entertaining. Here is just a taste of it.

“If I give you $5, will I actually get anything in exchange?… We’re so glad you asked! No.”

And this.

“Why are you selling nothing?… On Black Friday, everybody is selling something. We’re the only company to offer the superior Black Friday experience of buying nothing.”

Cards Against Humanity customer service was hopping on Black Friday, if their Twitter account of it is any indication.

Our customer service team is on fire today

— Max Temkin (@MaxTemkin) November 27, 2015

Cards Against Humanity made $71,145 from more than 11,000 people. Since they are known for their charitable fundraising, many people thought Cards Against Humanity would donate the funds to charity. According to Tech Crunch, it turns out they split the money and each employee could do with it as they wished. Many of the employees did give some or all of their funds to charity. One also bought a lot of cat litter for his two cats.

Max Tempkin, co-creator of Cards Against Humanity, was asked on Twitter what he learned from the Black Friday sale of nothing, to which he replied that he learned his coworkers are smart, funny, kind, generous people.

@drew @TechCrunch I learned that my coworkers are smart, kind, funny, generous people and I am incredibly lucky to get to work with them.

— Max Temkin (@MaxTemkin) November 28, 2015

Cards Against Humanity was founded five years ago and with creative and crazy ideas like their Black Friday sale, they are going to be around for a long time. People can’t help but love “Cards Against Humanity” and what it stands for. The Verge reports that they also have a unique and wonderful work environment in which ideas flourish, including a new game called “Secret Hitler”. Temkin spoke about why he thinks the game was instantly a success.

“[I] get the impression that my generation is kind of lonely. People turn to online games and social networks to feel better and those things just make you feel more empty. Physical games bring people together in real life.”

[Photo by LunaseeStudios / Shutterstock]