Jenelle Evans Quits ‘Teen Mom 2’ For Shocking Reasons As ‘Teen Mom OG’ Returns To MTV: Catch Up With Cast [Video]

Jenelle Evans might be exiting Teen Mom 2, and in upsetting her fans with that indication, Jenelle also succeeded in attacking ex-fiance Nathan Griffith and MTV, reported OK! Magazine.

As to why the Teen Mom 2 personality would quit the reality TV show, Evans became upset after Griffith revealed that the rumors that he is engaged to Jessica Henry are wrong. Although Nathan dumped Jenelle for Jessica, he took to Twitter to clarify.

“Despite most rumors, we are not engaged and we are just enjoying our time together,” shared Evans’ ex.

Ouch. Moreover, when Jenelle learned that Griffith will still be starring on MTV’s Teen Mom 2, she vented on social media.

“Well keep on doing that and filming with @MTV like u guys have been,” tweeted Evans. “Attention seeker. I’m done with the show.”

Jenelle also attacked MTV. Although Evans has been with the network since 2010, when she starred in 16 and Pregnant, she criticized them for what she contends is a shift in focus from teenage parents to individuals such as Nathan and his focus on his relationship with his new girlfriend.

“Isn’t #TeenMom supposed to be about being a teen parent?!!” demanded an angry Jenelle. “I’m confused, the focus seems like it has shifted.”

However, this is not the first time a star on Teen Mom has threatened to quit and then returned to film further episodes. Prior to Season 6, Leah Messer exited Teen Mom amid accusations of being unfaithful to Jeremy Calvert, who was then her husband, with Robbie Kidd, her former boyfriend.

Fast-forward two months, and Leah was back on the show.

While fans wait in suspense to see what Jenelle Evans will do, MTV wants to reassure viewers that when it comes to to other shows about teen moms, the cameras are still rolling.

And that means Teen Mom OG is alive and well, reported MTV News.

From Farrah to Amber, from Maci to Catelynn, the still-youthful moms and their children will be sharing their lives on MTV. Teen Mom OG had taken a hiatus before making a comeback in March 2015. Now MTV is announcing that it will provide a debut date and trailer early next week on the Facebook page for Teen Mom.

Have you been missing the cast? Here’s what you should know to get in the Teen Mom groove before the first episode of Teen Mom OG airs. Amber just got engaged. She decided that it was perfect timing when it came to changing her parenting agreement with Gary, her ex. The father of Leah has enjoyed sole custody, but now Amber wants to share custody. That means getting the legal intricacies in place to fulfill that goal.

As for Tyler and Catelynn, life with their little girl Novalee requires some changes as well in their schedule. Heading to Los Angeles, for example, to make an appearance minus their tiny angel isn’t easy. However, having some time together in southern California helped them with their own relationship.

Something’s always up with Farrah, and she’s been dating Simon. The romance got rosier when Farrah decided it was time to have her mom, Debra, meet Simon.

What’s up with Taylor and Maci? They’re getting ready for Bentley to have a baby sister. In turn, that requires the search for the perfect new house for their growing family, which occurred prior to welcoming Jayde Carter.

But fights are part of Teen Mom history, and as they share on Facebook, fans sometimes feel the battles are the best part. In particular, Farrah recently got slammed, with one person even urging that she exit Teen Mom.

“Farrah is just “jealous” plain and simple,” posted that viewer. “Maci is a good mom who takes care of her kids. Doesn’t need to get desperate and make a porn like farrah did to try and make a name for herself. People have respect for maci something farrah will never get from anyone….Farrah needs to leave the show!!”

[Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for GBK Productions]