Taylor Swift Makes Swiftie’s Dreams Come True

Taylor Swift has been known for her generosity to her fans for a while now, but even after all this time she still never ceases to amaze each time she gives of herself. The latest incident happened at her Sydney Australia concert. Backstage, Taylor Swift posed with her 12-year-old fan, Jorja Hope.

What makes Jorja’s trip to the concert so special? She is slowly going deaf due to “progressive inner-ear hearing loss,” and according to Hollywood Gossip, her mother Melissa said her first response when she got the news was that she wouldn’t be able to hear Taylor Swift sing. Jorja’s mother said despite the battle for her hearing, Jorja is a fighter.

“Jorja has battled her whole life from being born preemie with growth problems, to surgeries on her ears already and five surgeries for broken bones. She is a fighter, no matter what happens, she smiles and keeps going.”

It was Jorja’s twin sister, Chloe, who started the social media plight to ensure Jorja was able to meet Taylor Swift. She began trending the hashtag #helpjorjameettaylorswiftsydney and a Facebook campaign.

Not only did Jorja get to attend the Sydney concert, but she also got to go backstage, meet Taylor Swift, and have her picture taken with her.

Taylor Swift isn’t just good at helping out her fans when they need her the most; she is also aces at converting non-Swifties into raving fans. Julia Frank of Vogue reports that she went to Swift’s 1989 concert on Saturday night and was blown away. Sitting in the Vogue Australia and Samsung private suite with twenty fans and their guests, Frank describes the moment Taylor Swift came on to the stage.

“As soon as Swift took to the stage (right on time – respect), not even the flowing champagne, abundant food or Insta-friendly gold balloons in the suite could distract our intimate crowd from the performance. The lights dimmed, everyone rushed to their seats, fingertips eager to click away on their newly-acquired Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+.”

Taylor Swift had given every person attending the concert a wrist band that changed color in unison and Frank describes the effect.

“Every person in [the] crowd had been handed a wristband on arrival (‘It’s a gift from Taylor,’ they said), which was programmed to change colour in unison. The effect was quite spectacular from our vantage point.”

It can be seen in a photo Taylor Swift posted on her Instagram account, but there is no way the image can capture the true effect of the bracelets.

Still it was quite the night for Frank, who admitted to being a convert by the end of the evening.

“As someone who hasn’t gone through life as a Swiftie, I’m converted.”

After her Sydney tour was finished, which she accomplished in 48 hours, Taylor Swift was spotted with her crew, which included her mom, having a bite to eat at Captains Seafood in a Queenstown mall in New Zealand. Apparently the restaurant is quite pricey, but given her profession, her popularity, and the fact that she can afford her own private jet, Taylor Swift can likely foot the bill.

Clearly, Taylor Swift is full of many talents and much kindness, converting non-fans and making her number one fans’ dreams come true. No wonder she has such a following. It probably won’t be long before evidence of her generosity is seen once again. In the meantime, Swifties will have to get their fill of Taylor Swift through her albums and her social media accounts.

[Photo by Tinseltown/Shutterstock]