Justin Theroux Almost Drowned On Honeymoon With Jennifer Aniston [Video]

In an interview with Live with Kelly and Michael Friday Justin Theroux regaled viewers with the story of how he almost drowned while on honeymoon in Bora Bora with Jennifer Aniston.

Following their super-secret wedding in August this year, Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston headed off to a romantic and lavish honeymoon at the Four Seasons Bora Bora with a few of their closest friends, including Chelsea Handler, Jason Bateman, and Courteney Cox. Part of said lavish honeymoon was Justin’s sudden urge to learn how to scuba dive.

The 44-year-old Hollywood hunk said that not knowing the lingo was mostly to blame for his close call, but his sudden brush with death has left him a little shaken.

Of course, [spoiler alert] unlike his character Kevin Garvey in a recent episode of the popular HBO series The Leftovers, he wouldn’t have been able to make his way back to life if he did drown.

What happened was he decided to try his hand at scuba diving. As he had never dived before, Justin went for some training and then went diving around 10 feet down to see some coral and a few “pretty fish.”

This reportedly went really well and Theroux thought it would be a great idea to take a group of friends scuba diving the next day. The problem arose when he and his friends were diving, accompanied by a different instructor who apparently spoke French, but very little English.

According to Justin Theroux, there was virtually no communication and they couldn’t talk, but he was trying to tell the instructor he had only done this once before.

Because of the lack of communication, they ended up diving down significantly deeper than Theroux had dived during his training and he suddenly became alarmed as he noticed his oxygen tank was running low. Reportedly, someone else had used the tank just before he did.

Remembering some of the designated hand motions he had been taught the day before, Theroux tried to show his instructor he was low on oxygen and needed to return to the surface. The instructor, however, obviously misunderstanding the situation, just told him to keep on swimming.

He said he looked down and saw his oxygen level was now in the red.

“I look down and I think ‘I’m really deep in the red.’”

As reported by Vanity Fair, at this stage, Justin swam over to the instructor for a second time, who luckily now realized the inherent danger the Leftovers star was in. Reportedly the instructor then quickly attached Theroux to his emergency respirator, to allow him to breathe once more, but Theroux was surprised.

According to Justin Theroux, he couldn’t understand why the instructor was doing that, “when earth is up there,” and as it turned out, the actions of the instructor actually made the situation worse.

As the instructor switched respirators, reportedly water suddenly rushed down Justin Theroux’s throat causing him to start coughing and hacking underwater, which is not an ideal situation.

At this stage of the interview, Theroux admitted that the panic he was going through put his brain into “this crazy place” and he kept thinking, “Oh my god this is like some plot to kill me on my honeymoon.”

Eventually the instructor realized what was going on and the whole group began slowly making its way up to the water’s surface.

Needless to say, Justin Theroux is glad to be alive, but reckons he definitely won’t be planning on scuba diving again in the near future. Watch the interview with Theroux in the video included below.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment]