Louis Tomlinson, Briana Jungwirth, And The Shopping Trip That Never Was

Last weekend, One Direction star Louis Tomlinson went shopping with Briana Jungwirth, and it is big news. Louis and Briana are reportedly becoming parents at the end of January, so a young couple visiting a baby store wouldn't normally be seen as newsworthy. It has been widely reported that Louis and Briana popped out to Petit Tresor, a high-end west Hollywood baby store, to prepare for baby Tomlinson's arrival. Of course, when it comes to Louis Tomlinson's baby, nothing is straightforward.

Hollywood Life claims that Tomlinson joined Briana for a "lovey dovey" shopping trip. The celebrity gossip magazine claims that "a source" spoke exclusively to them about Tomlinson and Jungwirth's shopping trip.

"Louis and Briana came in [Petit Tresor] with some family members, and were looking at baby furniture and toys.

"She had the pregnancy glow about her and Louis looked especially happy. He had his arm around her for a bit and then put his hand on her belly. They totally looked like a couple. It was very sweet."

The difficulty with this claim is, of course, that Louis says that he is very much a single man. As reported in the Mirror a couple of weeks back, Tomlinson "shot down rumors" that he and Briana are a couple and insisted that he is single.

Unreality TV also reported that Louis and Briana went shopping together and that they are growing closer as the birth of baby Tomlinson grows closer. They report that Louis and Briana went shopping for baby essentials together with members of Tomlinson's family. The problem is that Louis' appearance at Petit Tresor was leaked to some One Direction fan sites and claims that Louis' car was spotted at the store were shared on twitter.

Now no one can deny that Tomlinson and his One Direction bandmates are some of the most "papped" stars on the planet. It seems that everywhere Louis goes, he is photographed by the paparazzi. It seems that members of Tomlinson's family did visit the baby store, but despite the location being known in advance and the claims by some outlets that Louis was present, no photographs have emerged.

The best shots of the shopping trip show what is claimed to be Louis' family and Briana getting into a car near the store.

The Morning Ledger has a different take on the shopping trip and ask if Louis and Briana have had a falling out, as Tomlinson was nowhere to be seen.

Since the news leaked that Briana was pregnant with baby Tomlinson, she has rarely been seen in public. Unreality TV report that as "hard as the paparazzi try, there have been very few opportunities for them to get a good picture of her baby bump." They point to the image above as the paparazzi's best effort. Doubtless you will have noticed that although the picture does appear to show a baby belly the girl's face cannot be seen. The picture may or may not be of Briana.

While Briana has been photographed with members of Louis' family, most notably when she watched Tomlinson perform with One Direction in London. After those shows, Louis was photographed partying with a group of female friends. Briana was nowhere to be seen. Since Louis confirmed that he was to become a father, not a single photo has emerged showing Tomlinson and Jungwirth together.

Many One Direction fans claim that Tomlinson's relationship with Jungwirth and with Eleanor Calder are simply a management tool designed to convince fans that Louis is heterosexual. As any fan of One Direction will be aware, it has long been claimed that Tomlinson and Harry Styles are lovers and that their management is desperate to cover up the truth.

[Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP]