Tyra Banks Is Coming Back As Eve For ‘Life-Size 2,’ It’s Time To Show Your 100-Watt Smile, Disney Fans

Tyra Banks makes fans happy

Disney fans are all abuzz after Tyra Banks just made an exciting announcement. She revealed that Life-Size 2 is finally happening. There had been talk on bringing the Eve doll back to life but nothing concrete. However, the actress has now confirmed that the sequel to the popular Disney movie has got the green light.

According to Variety, Banks will reprise her role as Eve and will also be serving as executive producer. Fans have been waiting to hear when the sequel would officially happen since Tyra said that they were working on it in 2014. Now it seems that they are ready to get going on it.

While Tyra Banks is confirmed to be coming back to the Disney flick, no one else has been placed in their roles yet. It is highly unlikely that Lindsey Lohan will come back. She played the role of Casey who was so distraught over her mother’s death that she tries to resurrect her by casting a spell to bring her back to life. Her brand new Eve doll comes to life instead. Lohan played the part well back then, but this time it sounds like it will be all about Eve. Although, it would be fun to have Lindsey Lohan reprise her role, only all grown up, but it probably won’t happen this time.