Lady Gaga Woman Of The Year Almost Quit Music Career

Lady Gaga has been through so much in the entire stretch of her career. She has produced some of the biggest hits of the times, but Lady Gaga has also been through so much hate and disapproval. However, 2015 is proving one of the best years for Lady Gaga, coming out with one of the most-loved singles as of late, ‘Til It Happens To You, and emerging as Billboard’s Woman of The Year.

Lady Gaga shares how tremendously happy she is for being named 2015’s Woman Of The Year, making it a point to impart to her fans how being herself has led her to achieve such feats. International Business Times reported that Lady Gaga told Billboard:

It speaks volumes to me that I’m being recognized as Woman of the Year in 2015. This is the year I did what I wanted instead of trying to keep up with what I thought everyone else wanted from me.

A lot of people believe that Lady Gaga’s success throughout the years as a pop singer, in addition to her emerging as 2015’s Woman of the Year, is a way to inspire people who have been through the same hardships as her and to remind them that there is still a future waiting ahead. Lady Gaga has admitted to being a victim of rape in her early years, inspiring her hugely to deliver an outstanding performance with ‘Til It Happens To You. Lady Gaga has also revealed to Harper’s Bazaar in their March 2014 cover that she has battled eating disorders before, but she has started to overcome it.

In October, Lady Gaga also told Billboard in the magazine’s philanthropy issue that apart from suffering from eating disorders and depression in the past, she still continues to suffer from depression to this day.

“I’ve suffered through depression and anxiety my entire life, I still suffer with it every single day. I just want these kids to know that that depth that they feel as human beings is normal. We were born that way. This modern thing, where everyone is feeling shallow and less connected? That’s not human.”

And to help other kids who are undergoing the same problems, Lady Gaga set up the Born This Way Foundation.

After everything she’s been through, one can assume that Lady Gaga’s success as a pop star would only bring Gaga her much-needed happiness and assurance. But in fact, at the end of 2014, Lady Gaga almost wanted to quit her career as a musician as she deemed it has become too toxic for her. Lady Gaga told Billboard:

“At the end of 2014, my stylist asked, ‘Do you even want to be a pop star anymore?’ I looked at him and I go, ‘You know, if I could just stop this train right now, today, I would. I just can’t. [But] I need to get off now because I’m going to die.’ When you’re going so fast you don’t feel safe anymore, you feel like you’re being slapped around and you can’t think straight. But then I felt hands lifting me. It was like everybody came together to try and put a star back in the sky, and they weren’t going to let me down.”

Even though Gaga was scared of the speed her career was taking, it was fortunate that Gaga refrained from stepping out of her career. Because of Lady Gaga’s courage to continue with her plight, she has now inspired more people with her continuous success, her inspiring singles like ‘Til It Happens To You, and with her jazz album with Tony Bennett.

And now, Lady Gaga is more sure of herself.

“Once you start being mindful and really going, ‘Do I actually want that?,’ you start to feel empowered and you find your value…I was that girl who got made fun of, that nerdy girl. I believe in that girl. I believe in the integrity, intelligence and power of people like her, and I want to ignite it.”

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]