WWE News: Kevin Owens Facing Brock Lesnar At 'WrestleMania 32' Not In WWE's Plans As Of Now

For some time now, people have wondered what match WWE would give Kevin Owens at his first WrestleMania. He has surely earned a match of some kind due to his work from 2014 into 2015. Many feel that Owens deserves a huge match at the event, which is why the big rumor of Brock Lesnar and Kevin Owens going at it sounded like a great idea.

The rumor managed to get started during an interview with Kevin Owens. He previously mentioned that he would love to face The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar one day. People took this as Owens giving them hints that he would face one or the other at WrestleMania. Seriously, this is how it got started. According to the Wrestling Observer and PWInsider, there have been no talks of this match happening. On top of this, Brock Lesnar has not been informed of it. He is usually informed about his opponents well in advance.

The match that is truly getting consideration for Kevin Owens happens to be with Sami Zayn. The two have a storied history together away from WWE. Once Owens came into WWE NXT, he made an impact on his first night by taking out his friend after he won the NXT Championship in one of the most shocking moments in NXT history. He then was storyline responsible for hurting Sami Zayn and taking him out of action for months.

Zayn Owens NXT
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Zayn should return to NXT in the coming weeks and will be wrestling for them on the UK Tour later this month. It is unknown whether or not he will work the NXT Takeover event in London, England, at this point. However, it can be assumed that WWE will have him take part in the show.

Zayn was set to be part of the main roster when he came up to work with John Cena in his official WWE RAW debut. Sami Zayn took it to Cena after suffering a shoulder injury almost immediately when he came out. The toughness and grit it took for him to make it through a match like that was honorable and earned him a ton of respect from the people in the back as well as fans, both of whom already respected him a lot anyway.

Due to this being his official debut for the main roster, many felt that he would simply go straight there upon coming back from injury, especially since Owens was already on the roster. However, it looks like WWE wants him to work with NXT for a short period of time and then come up.

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The current rumor is that he and Kevin Owens will start their rivalry at the Royal Rumble. It could be that the two battle inside the ring during the Rumble match, with Zayn eliminating Owens from the match much earlier than anyone anticipated. While uncertain, this looks to be the place the story will start. Ultimately, the singles match between the two would happen at WrestleMania 32.

It would be a good match to have, as the company is in major need of top rivalries going into the event. On top of this, they need random matches as well. WWE might be smart to add a match that already has a built-in storyline, as it only makes sense to do so. It is said that the match with Brock Lesnar has been getting some talk, but there has never been any plan in place for such a match with Kevin Owens and Brock Lesnar, especially at WrestleMania.

Plans, of course, could always change, but the match as of now for Kevin Owens looks to be with Sami Zayn. Meanwhile, Brock Lesnar's opponent is up in the air at the moment. He very well could be facing a person no one really expects at the event, as the few matches he had in place cannot happen.

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