Zayn Malik Supports Gigi Hadid Despite ‘Awkward’ Comment From Friends

Zayn Malik has definitely been getting cozy with Gigi Hadid over the past week, and, sadly, not everyone is giving their approval of the situation. Despite the fact that there are rumors that Zayn Malik is being especially supportive of Gigi Hadid lately, it appears that her friends simply do not approve of Zayn.

The news that her friends do not really like Zayn Malik might be hard for Gigi Hadid to hear right now because it is alleged that her mother and step-father are separating.

Standing by her side is Zayn Malik, according to Hollywood Life. They say insiders tell them that Gigi Hadid is worried about her stepfather leaving her mother alone because her mum needs assistance due to a battle with Lyme disease — and Gigi is frequently on the road with her modeling job.

To ease her mind, insiders go on to say that Zayn Malik texted Gigi Hadid to let her know he was in Los Angeles (close to her mother) if Gigi needed his assistance.

It was only a week ago that rumors began flying that Zayn was dating Selena Gomez, but if anyone needs evidence that she is not dating him, they only need to look at social media. According to the Mirror, around December 3, Gigi Hadid let Justin Bieber know that they should double date with Selena Gomez — and Gigi said she would bring Zayn.

Along these lines, rumors that Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are an actual couple may be true since Gigi’s ex has officially deleted her from social media. The Mirror reported on November 30, that Joe Jonas allegedly “unfollowed [Gigi] on Instagram, as well as [Zayn Malik], in the wake of more pictures being revealed of the newly-loved up couple … [and Joe Jonas] has deleted a photo of himself with Zayn and rapper Kanye West from his Twitter timeline.”

As far as Gigi Hadid’s other friends, it appears that some do not think she is a good fit with Zayn Malik. According to E! Online, insiders tell them, “Her friends do not quite understand what the attraction is. He is not her usual type, he doesn’t share her sense of humor or ease with people [and] he’s a little more self-aware and awkward.”

In the meantime, a ghost from Zayn Malik’s past has resurfaced. As it appears, Naughty Boy has been opening up to Zayn Malik while they are both in Los Angeles. According to the Mirror, Naughty Boy is reaching out to “self-aware and awkward” Zayn Malik because “Life is too short. L.A. can be a lonely place – I would never go without taking a friend.”

Speaking of Zayn Malik’s past, the press still seems convinced that he might be concerned with some of his exes. In December, it was highlighted that “Perrie Edwards shows Zayn Malik what he’s missing” at Cosmopolitan‘s Ultimate Women of the Year Awards in London on December 3.

Adding to this, the Daily Mail is also keeping Zayn Malik abreast of his former fling, Neelam Gill. They stated on December 2, that Neelam was out on the town in “sexy thigh-high boots” while Zayn Malik was romancing Gigi Hadid.

As for Zayn Malik, he may not need the approval of Gigi Hadid’s friends because he has plenty of his own clout. For example, in a recent article by Complex, they state that “One Direction embodies a magic that only boy bands seem capable of. One of the inherent qualities of magic, of course, is that it can only exist for a brief time.”

Complex goes on to focus on how Zayn Malik’s “magic” differs and describes his next move post-1D as a phoenix rising from the ashes with the following statement.

“Much of the larger public, on the other hand, is just now learning who Zayn Malik is and seems eager to judge his chops as an artist. But the 1D fanbase has been conscious and supportive of Zayn’s talent for a long time. It was widely agreed upon if not unanimous that he was always the most vocally gifted member of the group.”

[Picture by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]