Hipster Santa Claus Greets Kids At Portland Mall — Is This What Christmas Has Become?

The 2015 holiday season has already brought a lot of controversy and strange things that people are being offended by. Well, there is always a change that’s going to be made, and a mall in Portland has done just that. Kids visiting the mall this year will be greeted by a Santa Claus, but not the one they are used to. No, this year, the kids can give their Christmas wishes to hipster Santa.

KOIN 6 reported that the hipster Santa Claus is at Pioneer Place in downtown Portland, Oregon, and he’s a lot different than anyone has ever seen.

This Santa Claus has ditched the red suit and hat for jeans and a sweater. His traditional red coat and hat are still nearby, but they’re resting on a coat rack a few feet away from his throne which is now a neon aqua-blue pleather-looking couch.

As you can see, there is also a table with some candy canes and an old-school picture of himself nearby. A basket of logs sits on his left, and that is near by a white pedestal with a 1950’s-style typewriter.

The lack of his hat also means that Santa could have his hair flow freely, but he’s just too mainstream for that. No, hipster Santa wanted to be a bit more comfortable so he has his hair tied up in a man bun.

Oh, don’t forget to notice the silver Christmas tree instead of the more common green one.

Kids won’t just notice that this Santa Claus has changed his clothes and his typical accessories and furniture. This hipster Santa is all about exercising and being healthy too, according to a report from WKRN.

Santa Claus, the hipster version, has given his reindeer some time off while he’s visiting kids in Portland, but he’s still able to get around. The sleigh is packed away so he hops on his bike to get around town and get some exercise in the process.

Don’t expect him to ask you to leave out any milk and cookies for him this year.

This has been the Christmas season of offending people, purposely or not.

Starbucks brought back their red holiday cup without any kind of Christmas decorations on it, and that set everyone off because they felt it was non-festive. People started to protest and were even being rebellious by saying their name was “Merry Christmas” so baristas would have to write it on their cups.

Reese’s unveiled their annual Peanut Butter Christmas Trees again this year, and the chocolate candies don’t necessarily resemble trees. This got a lot of people all in a tizzy and they actually began complaining to the company to let them know of their disappointment.

Each Christmas, there are a lot of things that get people talking. Sometimes, it’s the commercials whether they be sad or bad or sweet. Other times, it may be the hottest gift of the season which could end up being pills that will let you poop glitter.

No matter what it may be, not everyone is always going to be happy at Christmas time and something is bound to offend someone. That just appeared to happen a lot more often than not in 2015.

Hipster Santa Claus is on a rather limited schedule though as he’s only going to be at Pioneer Place in Portland for two more nights this Christmas season: Dec. 10 and Dec. 17. He’s different, he’s trendy, he’s what you want to be before you even hear of it — he’s hipster Santa.

[Image via KOIN]