Elton John, Bill Murray Gush Over Miley Cyrus As She Makes Her Last Red Carpet Appearance

Believe it or not, but Elton John and Bill Murray are big fans of Miley Cyrus. One of the entertainment legends has compared the wacky and bizarre singer to the likes of Frank Zappa.

During his recent interview with Noisey, Elton John praised Miley Cyrus for her wacky performances. Apparently, he’s a huge fan of the singer’s free EP, Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz.

“I mean who would have thought that she’d do a record with The Flaming Lips?…I love that kind of thing. That on the spur of the moment, out of leftfield stuff like that. And they’re gonna perform the whole album nude. I’m booking my ticket now. It’s like, ‘I wanna see this, this is interesting.'”

While Miley is on tour with The Flaming Lips, she really isn’t performing in the nude. In fact, the “Wrecking Ball” singer was just joking on her Instagram page when she announced the dates for her tour. Miley told her fans that they should watch her in the nude as she performs on stage. But instead, she’s been seen wearing a variety of strange costumes from a grown-up baby doll to a stick of butter. But Elton is still a huge fan of Miley, regardless of what she does. He likes that she pushes the envelope.

Miley Cyrus
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“It’s f**king brilliant. It feels like something that would have happened during the ’60s, something someone like Frank Zappa would have done. Good for Miley. Break the mold, girl.”

Cyrus also found an unlikely fan and companion in actor Bill Murray. The two stars may seem like an unlikely duo, but the comedy legend and pop star collaborated for the Netflix special, A Very Murray Christmas. In his latest interview with People magazine at the New York premiere, that actor couldn’t stop gushing over Cyrus’ vocal abilities.

“It was stunning to work with her. All you hear, is…what you hear [about her] – and then you work with her and realize, ‘OH!’ She’s really a trooper. She came through in a huge way for us.”

Co-writer Mitch Glazer agrees that the 23-year-old singer was a pleasure to work with. But he confessed they didn’t realize how good Miley’s voice was before working with her on the holiday special “because we’re old guys! She’s incredible. The voice is so big and so beautiful.”

Even Murray wasn’t convinced about Cyrus’ singing when he met her. But once he heard her sing, he knew he picked the right singer for the job.

“When you hear her [on the radio] you go, ‘She’s not even really singing that, that’s all voice activated – it’s all tricked out.’ None of that’s true. She’s really go it. She’s really got the pipes.”

On the Very Murray Christmas special, Miley Cyrus left the crazy outfits at home and her tongue in her mouth. Miley sang “Silent Night” while she wore a sexy Santa Claus outfit and sat on top of a white grand piano as Paul Shaffer tickled the keys. Miley has also received praise from the media for her performance. A previous report, via Pop Sugar, says that the singer sounded a like a damn Angel. Miley’s rendition of “Silent Night” may make you a believer in Christmas. Check out her performance in the video below.

Miley Cyrus also attended the red carpet premiere for the Very Murray Christmas special. At the event, she wore a festive white mini dress and carried an Ugly Christmas sweater. Cyrus took to Instagram to share a photo from her red carpet appearance. In the caption, she called it her “last red carpet appearance forever,” sending her fans into a frenzy.

Miley Cyrus
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That’s making the rumors swirls that she could be retiring from the entertainment industry. Is this her last red carpet appearance of 2015? Or is Cyrus no longer taking part in the promotional side of singing and acting? Or, maybe she wants to lay low and just release NSFW photos and free music as she focuses on her Happy Hippie Foundation. Cyrus has not yet explained her shocking statement.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Miley Cyrus is leaving the entertainment industry behind? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images]