Ami Brown of ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Reveals Disease, May No Longer Be Able To Live In Bush

Ami Brown of Alaskan Bush People has been dealing with a health issue and now she is actually sharing what is going on with her. Radar Online spoke exclusively with Ami and she shared the details of what is going on with her health right now. Her husband, Billy Brown, has been dealing with a bit of health issues as well as it was recently shared that he is having seizures.

Things have been rough on Ami Brown recently, and she has been dealing with a lot of pain in her neck and back. Some of this has been seen on the show this season. Now, Ami Brown is finally sharing exactly what is going on with her health after seeing the doctor. Fans have been worried about Ami and wanted to know the details.

“What it’s called is cervical radiculitus. What it is, I have some arthritis in my neck. It’s degenerative from working and injuries and things. The arthritis has built up where your nerves come out of your cervical spine there at your neck area and shoulder. It pinches on the nerves. The muscle was like three times its size, so that also pushed on the nerve. It was a really bad, painful thing.”

This could end up being really bad for Ami Brown though. Living out in the Alaska bush is not easy at all if you are dealing with pain. It makes it hard to work outside and do everything that needs done at home when you don’t have stores close by and someone to help you do everything. Ami was told that she could have surgery, but she is avoiding it at this time.

Brown went on to explain why it is really hard for her to be living in Alaska and dealing with the back and neck issues she has going on right now.

“Today I’m recovered and I’m doing better, but it still bothers me if I do things in my daily work the wrong way. It’s just something I think I’m going to have to live with.”

Ami Brown is very lucky that she has amazing children though, and they are helping out a lot right now. Ami actually called it an “early retirement” for her. Billy Brown has something wrong with his kidneys and is also having a lot of seizures. This means that things are going to be changing a lot for Ami and Billy Brown right now. This could even cause them to end up moving out of Alaska or at least out of the bush, according to Ami. That would change everything if Ami and Billy Brown can’t live in the Alaskan bush.

“To be honest, everything is really up in the air right now. We just don’t know. We’re doing a lot of praying right now and hoping that we can continue our lifestyle.”

At this time, Billy Brown is still facing jail time for receiving money for living in Alaska when he wasn’t even really living in the state. Radar Online shared that Billy Brown was actually granted three more weeks to fight for their fate. Right now they are trying to do everything that they can try to come to a resolution that everyone will be happy with in the end. Right now Billy and his son Bam Bam are doing all that they can to stay out of jail.

Are you surprised to hear that Ami and Billy Brown could end up having to move out of Alaska? Do you think that this would be best for their health? Don’t miss new episodes of Alaskan Bush People on Wednesday nights on Discovery channel.

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