WWE Rumors: Another ECW Original Is Coming To Help The Dudley Boyz And Tommy Dreamer — WWE Teases Names

This past week on Monday Night Raw, the Dudley Boyz got some help against The Wyatt Family in the form of an ECW Original, Tommy Dreamer. Still, the Wyatts do outnumber the extreme trio and will always be able to get the upper-hand. Rumors are flying and it looks like another ECW Original could soon show up in WWE to help even the odds.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that there is talk of another ECW Original showing up in WWE sometime this upcoming week. They would likely appear on Raw so that way there is a full week before the match at TLC which could be made into an eight-man tag match.

Of course, there isn’t a match in place yet, but WWE sure is building up to one. There are only three matches confirmed for the pay-per-view so far, and it’s likely that at least three or four more will be added before Dec. 13.

Now, it’s not exactly known who could join forces with Dreamer and the Dudley Boyz, but WWE sure is teasing a lot of names.

There is a poll up on WWE.com asking “Who was your favorite forgotten star of ECW?” and some interesting choices are in the list. As of this writing, The Sinister Minister is leading the vote with 26 percent while Roadkill is second at 17 with Kronus and 911 tied for third with 15 percent.

In another mention of the promotion of extreme, WWE.com also released a video this week that included the “five most extreme moments.” Tommy Dreamer is shown along with Bam Bam Bigelow, New Jack, and Brian Lee.

Oh, and there is another former ECW, WWE, and TNA star shown, and it’s one who might join the Dudley Boyz and Tommy Dreamer. That would be Spike Dudley, the “brother” of Bubba Ray and D-Von.

Bubba Ray Dudley has mentioned in the past that if they ever needed their brother, all they would have to do is give Spike a call. Spike Dudley has essentially retired from professional wrestling, but for the right price and a short-term contract, he could come back.

One name that is a real possibility is Rob Van Dam.

RVD is still wrestling and has talked about a WWE return on a number of occasions. A few months ago, he spoke about doing a “farewell tour” with WWE at some point, but he hasn’t yet decided when that will be.

If WWE needs him to round out this feud though, they could give him a call to come back now. It would make sense since he is an ECW Original and has stayed on good terms with the company for a long time.

Other names have been making the rumor rounds, but it is hard to think that some of them would ever end up in WWE again. Taz hasn’t wrestled in years and is now doing a number of other things. It really seems as if RVD or Spike Dudley are the most obvious choices, but stranger things have happened.

Of course, there’s always Rhyno who has been wrestling down in NXT for a few months too.

Tommy Dreamer had still not signed a long-term deal with WWE as of this week. He may just be back through the TLC event but could end up sticking around a bit longer.

The Dudley Boyz and Tommy Dreamer need some help, and that was obvious when they were outnumbered and beaten down on SmackDown by The Wyatt Family. TLC is right around the corner, and if an ECW Original is coming to help them, it’s going to happen soon.

[Image via WWE]