‘The Sims 4’ Updates With New Holiday Items, Major Patch Before ‘Get Together’ Releases

David Stonecipher

With the release of the second major expansion next week, The Sims 4 updated today with a major patch readying the game for "Get Together" and with content available just in time for the holidays. New holiday items, updated UI elements, and a 64-bit executable are included in the latest update. Changes, bug fixes, and the new Pool Venue are also included in the patch giving any Sim enthusiast something to enjoy.

New holiday items are now available in The Sims 4. The "Holiday Celebration Pack," available for free via Origin, now contains new items in addition to the content already included in the DLC. New lighted trees for Sim yards, snowflake decals, decorative presents, new formal outfits, and a tree centerpiece are now part of the pack. The previous items, like the Christmas Tree, Kwanza Painting, and ugly sweaters, are still available within the pack as well. Players that have already downloaded and installed the "Holiday Celebration Pack" will find the new items automatically in their games. However, players that have not downloaded the pack yet will need to do so in order to receive the new items according to official website for The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 patch also introduces the 64-bit executable for users that utilize 64-bit Windows. Players that can use the new executable will do so automatically with no action on the part of the player. A brief FAQ is also available for those interested in what this new executable means for their everyday playing of The Sims 4. Read answers to those questions on EA.com.

This patch will also disable mods after an update in case a modification breaks after a patch is deployed. Players can re-enable mods by heading to the Game Options UI, selecting the Other tab, and ticking the Enable Custom Content and Mods option. There is also a small FAQ on this subject as well detailing the reason behind disabling mods after an update. Players should be aware that after each update from Origin, they will need to re-enable mods on The Sims 4 from now on.

"Get Together" releases on December 8 and brings with it the new Club feature, the world of Windenburg, and a wealth of new items. As the Inquisitr reported, Clubs are quite extensive in their scope. Encouraged and discouraged behavior set by the Club will often override a Sim's selected traits, and Clubs can even rival another Club for another layer of social drama. Clubs can have their own private hangouts, specified outfits, and even unlocked vibes. Not to mention, a Club member can work to depose the current Club leader with gossip in the expansion. Eager players can pre-order "Get Together" right now from the Origin store for $39.99. Of course, The Sims 4 is required to play "Get Together."

[Image via The Sims 4]