12 Ways To Put The Zing In Your Christmas Tree Skirt

Making the tree festive with a Christmas skirt is the easiest surefire way to accomplish the feat of creating a warming feeling. Certainly the gifts help, but until then, why not have an eye-catching and colorful array until the gifts arrive?

A Cable-Knit Throw under the tree will make it a shame to cover up, even with the best ribbons and paper on the skirt. This beautifully eye-catching Christmas tree skirt is crafted from a cable-knit throw combined with a twin-sized cotton or flannel sheet added to the back. The Better Homes and Gardens‘ instructions are easy to follow, and the finished product appears as expensive and one of a kind under the Christmas tree.

Another terrific and extremely colorful Christmas tree skirt is the Ornament-Trimmed Tree Skirt, which shows off a more pastel look than the traditional red, green, and gold colors. This Better Homes and Gardens treat will increase the anticipation of those awaiting fruit flavored candy canes and oodles of chocolate.

Honey and Fitz are simple creators that insist on keeping the warm feeling glowing with their Christmas tree skirt, and who could blame them with this exceptional Felt Flower Tree Skirt? They use classic red and white to bring out the Christmas tones, but add a touch of gray to inherit classiness. This design fashions beautiful roses around the tree with a fun and easy twist.

Design Sponge has fashioned a Reversible Christmas Tree Skirt, made with a fabric of your choosing, which is always great fun for those who are easily bored. Perhaps one side could be for the Christmas party and the other side could be for the kids at home. Whichever way this skirt is shown, the unique personality is sure to stun guests.

There are Sew Many Ways to have fun this Christmas, that start way before the opening of gifts Christmas morning. The catchy thing about this skirt is there is no sewing, and it’s under $2.50 to make. That’s a treat under the tree anyone will love.

For those who do not have kids and prefer an elegantly charming skirt under their Christmas tree, this LiveLoveDIY skirt will take the guests’ breath away in a single glance. Hot glue gun and felt, there’s not an easier way to create sophistication.

If searching for a simple Scalloped Felt Tree Skirt, who better to go to than Martha Stewart? This is the gal with all the secrets of Christmas decorating. But don’t let its simplistic design fool you. Keeping the tree hydrated is a cinch with the split, and the unlimited color choices are left only to the imagination.

Feeling a bit sassy this year, but still want Santa to leave incredible gifts under the Christmas tree? Give this Chic Tree Skirt design a whirl. It’ll have everyone’s head spinning with festivities as soon as their vision lands on it. The up and down zigzag of the skirt generates so much entertainment, it’s certain to spawn some talk from guests.

Every parent gathers Christmas tree ornaments for the children, placing them on the tree year after year. Why not use their favorite clothing they’ve outgrown, rather than forbidding them to wear it again? Tell them they’ll see their clothes for years to come under the tree with this Recycled Sweater Tree Skirt. Every year, the family can gaze and share memories their clothes remind them of until the Christmas tree skirt is covered with gifts for the future. This is a classic way for Christmas past and present to mingle with the future, and what a great opportunity for memories.

Using basic sewing scraps and an appliqué, Nancy makes an exquisite Christmas tree skirt that will have the children giggling with glee in anticipation. The Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt can mix and match patterns to create a kaleidoscope of Christmas color under any tree.

A No-Sew Christmas Tree Skirt blends perfectly with show room décor. Easy designs with folding, cutting and gluing make this base covering a perfect idea for someone who wants beauty without a lot of stress. Complete with stickers and sequins, what could be easier or prettier?

Feeling the need to be more versatile this year? Try out these three designs for Christmas Tree Skirt Confessions of needing some serious fun! Whether feeling furry, conservative, or simply jolly, these designs will set the house on fire without causing damage.

These ideas are super ways of creating special looks for your Christmas tree skirt, making it as special as your holiday for years to come! So go ahead and indulge in the holiday. After all, there’s a lot more to Christmas than standing in long checkout lines. Make your Christmas tree skirt tonight and add some zing for plenty more Christmas seasons to come!