Christina Milian Takes Aim At Lil Wayne? 'Liar' Lyrics May Reference Break Up

Christina Milian has been in the headlines since November because she is still crying over her broken relationship with Lil Wayne. This point was reconfirmed in the recent past when Milian was distressed because she was not invited to spend Thanksgiving with Lil Wayne and the Carter family -- but his ex, Dhea Solano, allegedly was.

Interestingly, now that she has released her 4U album, it is clear that many of these Christina Milian song lyrics could be about Lil Wayne.

Of course, not so long ago, Christina Milian declared that 4U was not necessarily about her relationship with Lil Wayne -- but it was about relationships.

Lil Wayne and Christina Milian still have not moved on.
Christina Milian may still need time to get over Lil Wayne. (Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images)

BET reported on Christina Milian's album when she released "Like Me" with Snoop Dogg on November 21, and, in that interview, Christina Milian never directly confirms or denies that any one particular lyric in "Like Me" is about Lil Wayne. Nevertheless, Christina Milian did not talk about the other song "Liar" that she had not yet released.

However, less than a week after releasing "Like Me," fans were presented with several incidents that proved that Christina Milian was still hurting over her breakup with Lil Wayne. Most obvious was the (now deleted) tweets to Lil Wayne on Thanksgiving where Christina Milian stated the following, according to Latin Post.

"Stop telling me you love me … Stop asking me to come see you. I am most definitely not interested."
Naturally, the revelation that Christina Milian may still love Lil Wayne may make fans wonder if there are any reasons to read-between-the-lines in the lyrics of 4U.

As far as hidden messages about Lil Wayne on Christina Milian's new album 4U, there are only four tracks to evaluate. In addition to "Like Me," Christina Milian also pre-released "Do It" with Lil Wayne on December 1. "Rebel" was released in May -- but the remaining song that Christina Milian waited to release was titled "Liar."

Christina Milian may think Lil Wayne is a
Are fans correct to assume that Christina Milian's "Liar" might be about her failed relationship with Lil Wayne? (Picture by Mike Windle/Getty Images)

Could "Liar" be about Lil Wayne? For example, in the song, Christina Milian sings about being "back and forth" with her conscience and "thinking about leaving you." Of course, in Christina Milian's December 1 airing of her reality TV show Turned Up, she seemed to be discussing that exact same theme in a conversation with her father, according to E! Online.

During that episode where her breakup with Lil Wayne is discussed, Christina Milian stated the following.

"We kind of just broke up recently. It's crazy because we were just with each other and we were really happy and then I found out something he had lied to me about. This was something that was like he really got caught."
In the song "Liar," Christina Milian also talks about "lipstick stains" on her man and "counting his condoms." She also regrets not "listening to her girlfriends" about this "liar" and that "one day" she's "gonna learn."

Adding to this, it is alleged that Christina Milian broke up with Lil Wayne because he "lied to her" about something (or someone) -- and (therefore?) the song is called "Liar."

As fans may remember, insiders say that Christina Milian broke up with Lil Wayne because he may have slept with someone else, according to a Hollywood Life report from November 11.

As far as "Rebel" goes, Christina Milian may not have been speaking about Lil Wayne in a negative way -- but instead is talking about the high points of their relationship.

Christina Milian goes on to discuss in "Rebel" the nature of the "understanding" she has with her romantic partner and "as long as we know what's up … there's nothing to discuss boy … it's just us... and the outside don't matter…"

Sadly, since her "understanding" with Lil Wayne has ended, Christina Milian may not be getting much support from those around her about her ongoing feelings for Lil Wayne.

Worse, some of Lil Wayne's ex-partners have come out against Christina Milian, and BET reported that Sarah Vivan said that Christina was "delusional" when it came to Lil Wayne.

In the meantime, Christina Milian has been getting reviews, but not for 4U. Instead, after she posted a pic on Instagram showing her daughter wearing cornrow clip-ons, Christina Milian was chastised.

Mainly, critics in her comment section were worried that Christina Milian was putting "grownup" accessories on her daughter's hair -- and perhaps putting her scalp at risk for getting tender under the weight of false hair.

According to The Root, Christina Milian defended her daughter's hairstyle and said that Violet liked the twists, the false hair was not heavy, and Violet was not in any pain.

In addition to releasing 4U, Christina Milian tweeted about a limited edition T-shirt for the album that gives proceeds to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Christina Milian also posted on Instagram on December 4 that she is opening her heart during the holidays with a contest for fans that ends on December 10 and states the following.
"This holiday season I'm providing ten families with Christmas trees, Apple Mini iPod shuffles and @monsterproducts headphones along with my new EP 4U. To win, all you have to do is post an image of your family on Instagram and tell me what the holidays mean to you with the hashtag #Xmas4U."
[Picture by Mike Windle/Getty Images]