‘Destiny’ Sparrow Racing Coming To PlayStation And Xbox Tuesday

Destiny is getting another special event with the December update planned for next week. Bungie revealed six-man Sparrow racing during the PlayStation Experience keynote on Saturday that gives PlayStation and Xbox players a chance to win new gear through a new (and much requested) Sparrow Racing event.

The Sparrow Racing League will start Tuesday, December 8, following the release of the December update and will run for three weeks until Tuesday, December 29, at the weekly reset. Amanda Holiday will be the NPC in charge of the event that features match-made six player races on tracks located on Mars and Venus. There will, of course, be quests and rewards with the event, including new Sparrows, gear, and dyeable race suits.

The Campus Martius track is set on Mars and will feature players racing against each other plus Cabal and Taken around a circuit. This is the most basic of the two courses with “Infinite Descent” being the advanced course on Venus. This course runs constantly runs downhill until a teleporter at the bottom warps players backs to the start of the track.

Destiny players will be able to use their existing Sparrows or new Sparrows that can be earned as rewards or purchased from the Eververse Trading Company. Different Sparrows have different capabilities, so racers will want to choose carefully. They’ll also want to take advantage of gates laid throughout the course to receive speed boosts and maybe try to bump opponents out of the way to gain an advantage.

At least one new quest will be added with the Destiny Sparrow Racing League. The new gear is all themed towards racing with the usually ornate and billowy armor, capes, and robes replaced with sleek racing-styled suits and helmets. In a new twist, these racing suits and helmets will be dyable so that players can go with their favorite colors or match the look of their favorite Sparrow.

Destiny Sparrow Racing (PlayStation, Xbox)

The new Sparrow Racing event comes from the Destiny Live Team. This means it is completely funded by all the money that has been thrown at the new emotes sold by The Eververse Trading Company. This is part of Bungie’s plan to continue to add and experiment with new content such as the “Festival of the Lost” event that occurred around Halloween. Presumably, more tracks and tweaks will be added to future Sparrow Racing League events if it turns into a big hit with players this time.

There really is no reason why Sparrow Racing shouldn’t be a big hit in the game. It is something the Destiny community has clamored for since the game first went into beta and players got their first taste. This is Bungie’s first attempt at organizing something like this in-game though, so it will be interesting to see where it goes.

Meanwhile, PlayStation owners should expect some exclusive content with Sparrow Racing League and the Iron Banner event for December. This includes a new Sparrow, plus Iron Banner armor.

Destiny still has a potential content issue, however. Community members have begun rumbling on Reddit and other sites about the lack of information on new Strikes, Raids, and story content for the game. It was around this time last year that The Dark Below was released as the first DLC release following the game’s September, 2014, launch.

The pace of delivering content for two DLC releases followed by a major expansion may have been too much for Bungie, as recently covered by Inquisitr. It’s since shifted to a micro-transaction model to support events from the Live team, but there have been no details about future expansion beyond the expectation of either a full sequel or The Taken King-level of expansion to be released September, 2016. Reportedly, High Moon Studios is assisting with the content of the next major release.

Destiny Sparrow Racing (PlayStation, Xbox)

The Destiny December update will be the second significant update to the game since the release of The Taken King. In addition to the Sparrow Racing event, the next update includes balance changes to all three Titan sub-classes, weapon balance changes, and much more.

What do you think of the addition of Sparrow Racing to Destiny? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via Bungie]