‘Paper’ Magazine Features Amber Rose As Multiple Iconic Feminists

The latest issue of Paper magazine is quite a special one, as it features model, entrepreneur, and author Amber Rose channeling several radical feminist icons in a powerful, sexy, and dynamic photoshoot. Amber Rose as of late has become much more vocal about her thoughts in regard to feminism and what it means to be a woman. This issue of Paper magazine features the beautiful Ms. Rose dressing up as well-known important women who helped shape the idea of feminism, like Susan B. Anthony, Gloria Steinem, and Rosie the Riveter. In an interview for the magazine, Rose points to her split with rapper Wiz Khalifa as the moment in which she decided to identify as a feminist and uphold those values.

Amber Rose, 32, strikes a dynamic pose with her fist in the air, embodying both Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes. For Steinem, it was her “After Black Power, Women’s Liberation” in 1969 which pushed her into a national icon and feminist leader. Hughes, co-founder of Ms. magazine along with Steinem, spent the ’70s with Gloria, speaking about gender and race. In the Paper magazine interview, Rose began examining the behavior of her ex on his social media, and looking at how people and society in general viewed her in relation to Khalifa.

“I would look on Wiz’s Instagram and he would have pictures of all these women all over him… and then I would post a picture of me and my son. And people would be like, ‘Does your son know that his mother’s a whore?'” she says. “People are like, ‘Wiz is out f***ing mad bad bitches and you’re at home crying over him because he’s the best thing that f***ing ever happened to you and now you’re just a fat, bald-headed single mother and no one will ever love you.’ So yeah, I guess months of seeing s**t like that, I was just like, ‘I can’t live like this. There’s something wrong.'”

Rose organized a Slut Walk, an event in Los Angeles with protest marches railing against women shaming and rape culture. Rose delivered a very emotional and memorable speech, forgiving her exes Kanye West as well as Wiz Khalifa, who have both made hurtful comments about Amber. One specific story that she tells in the Paper magazine interview involves her at a middle-school party, in which the kids played Seven Minutes in Heaven. One of the boys took her into the closet and told her to get down on her knees, telling her he was going to show her something. Rose didn’t register what he was having her do, and the boy flung the door open, allowing their classmates to see Amber on her knees, with the boy exposing his genitals in her face. “I was so young,” she says. “I fell into a depression. Everyone hated me. I was the school slut.”

“I guess what I want with our generation is to have it not be that way. Like, all of us as women, let’s just stick together and look out for each other. I was really glad that my Slut Walk was extremely diverse. There were all types of women from all walks of life there… That would be the main thing for me… really just try to take the racism out of feminism for our generation.”

Paper magazine also recently featured Paris Hilton doing her own version of the Kim Kardashian “break the internet” photoshoot. To read the full Amber Rose interview and see all of the photos, head over to Paper magazine’s website.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]