Vicki Gunvalson’s Tweet Says She Knew Brooks Lied, Vicki Denies Sending Tweet

Vicki Gunvalson of The Real Housewives of Orange County has been dealing with a lot of drama since it was revealed that Brooks Ayers faked his cancer documents. Brooks still insists he had cancer though. According to All About the Real Housewives, a tweet has been revealed that looks like Vicki knew that Brooks was faking all along, but Gunvalson has denied that she ever shared the tweet.


The reports say that this tweet was on Vicki Gunvalson’s Twitter, but the odd thing is that the screenshot of it doesn’t show the verified check mark by Vicki’s name. The tweet allegedly sent by Vicki Gunvalson says, “I knew the entire time. I have decided to get therapy. It’s been rough year.” This was allegedly sent out on December 2 and was quickly removed after.

Now Vicki Gunvalson is denying ever sending this tweet or having anything to do with it. Vicki then went to her account and said, “My account was compromised, no tweets have been posted by me in the last two days. #drama.” Of course, Vicki isn’t sharing who sent out this tweet or if it was someone random that hacked her account. Vicki has never admitted to knowing that Brooks was lying, and Brooks still says that he has cancer and won’t deny it. After that, Vicki responded to a few people saying it wasn’t real and that she was sorry to disappoint them. One of those people was Meghan Edmonds. Vicki Gunvalson’s publicist even released a statement about it all.

“A screenshot of a fictitious Twitter update was shared last night claiming to be from Vicki Gunvalson’s verified Twitter account. Fortunately, we are aware of its original source and can assure you that it was not posted by Vicki or anyone on her team. Vicki would like to again take the time to thank those that have stood beside her throughout the entire ordeal.”

Radar Online shared that Vicki’s family actually wants to see Brooks Ayers put behind bars for what he did. Brooks did admit that he forged medical records showing that he had cancer. An insider explained that Vicki’s family thinks City of Hope should file charges on him for forging documents. They could do this because according to California law what Brooks did is illegal. The law states, “any person who alters or modifies the medical record of any person, with fraudulent intent, or who, with fraudulent intent, creates any false medical record, is guilty of a misdemeanor.”


An insider explained that Vicki Gunvalson’s family is not happy about it and wants Brooks to get in trouble. Here is what an insider revealed.

“What he did was horrible and Vicki would absolutely cooperate with law enforcement. Cops and the district attorney’s office would have a very clear path to conviction. Brooks is shown on camera with the faked documents, and later admitted he forged them.”

City of Hope and police are not speaking out about this though, so at this time it looks like Brooks Ayers won’t have any charges pressed against him. Brooks is now living in Florida and away from everything that is going on in Orange County. It doesn’t look like he has any plans to return soon either. Vicki Gunvalson is done with him and moving on with her life without Brooks Ayers in it. Rumors are Vicki actually wants to get back with her ex-husband Donn. Vicki thinks he made a mistake of leaving him.

Do you think that Vicki Gunvalson really sent out this tweet, or do you believe that someone hacked her account? Sound off in the comments section on your thoughts below.

[Photo by John Sommers II/Getty Images for Skinny Water]